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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Spent a large amount of money to buy clothes, how long will you ready to wear? To limited special custom, if is a classic style of can wear for a long time, are there any effective way to let the closet classic persist longer? Teach you 14 super genius method, inadvertently help repair that wiped out the clothes.

1, the clothes pilling wool how broken?

cashmere sweater to keep warm and beautiful, but wear it several times cottony ball! Use to wool implement can solve the problem of the moment, but over time will become more and more old clothes.

cracking method: put new dress in the plastic bag in the refrigerator to wear a period of time would be much better ~

2, jeans broken deformation after wash?

jeans are the most valuable is that version, but a lot of cleanliness patients wish one day will be in a washing machine roll wearing a ring. Well just wear a pair of trousers washing several times.

method of crack: also give the pants to the refrigerator, the refrigerator will kill the bacteria in most of the pants.

3, armpit sweat how broken?

most boys are & other; Khan throughout &; 。 Regardless of the four seasons, T-shirt, shirt, alar part is a circle of sweat, don't wash off.

method of crack: lemon + water + baking soda. Combine the lemon juice and soda ash blotted out in perspiration, let stand for a few minutes to wash, the miracle will happen. If the trouble, it is recommended to use crown scouring essence.

4, clothes smell how broken?

good is not easy to dig out a closet, but because long didn't wear, the clothes they are full of lingering odor, even delicious water away.

method of crack: try vodka, it can kill a large number of bacteria to the vodka spray fine after it dry the clothes there will be no peculiar smell.

5, broken collar to rub makeup?

to decorate a delicate beauty makeup every day, but at home to take off the clothes to cosmetics to rub on the collar, how to wash?

cracking method: use shaving cream or crown scouring elite fluid daub on the collar, rest for a few minutes to drop into the washing machine.

6, lipstick mark how broken?

the premise is this ceng lipstick on clothes can be washed.

method of crack: sprayed hairspray or crown scouring essence in the lipstick mark place, quiet place for a few minutes to drop into the washing machine.

7, the sun glasses mirror legs broken loose?

put on sunglasses relaxed holiday, always because of glasses is too loose slide, if no screwdriver?

method of crack: stock nail polish cosmetic bag? Put it in its leg joints, very good oh.

8, clothing buttons to break off?

on formal occasions, only to find a shirt off quickly. Side without sewing kit?

method of crack: or universal nail polish, clothing line tapping on the button, you can at least now, oh.

9, turn fur stain how broken?

do you have a pair of put on 10 minutes to turn fur shoes dirty? Don't carry scouring essence?

cracking method: small nail file, where dirty grinding, mother don't have to worry about your fur.

10, leather shoes stain how broken?

who says the besmirch on leather shoes rub gently can wipe off? How many stubborn stains on the leather shoes also wipe not rub off.

method of crack: dip in with laundry tablets against the water white vinegar, began to brush ~

11, broken shoes wear?

just wear a pair of new shoes, a carelessly grinding, with his hands, wipe with water to no avail.

method of crack: dip in with cotton swabs some universal vaseline.

12, broken shoes smell?

usually sports shoes to wear for a day, off can have peculiar smell, don't think so embarrassed?

method of crack: sprinkle some baking soda in the shoes is ok.

13, red wine stains how broken?

to red wine really bad to wash clothes.

cracking method: first the scouring essence spray wine stains in place, and then let stand for 30 minutes, again to wash off easily.

14, clothing, zipper is bad, how to break?

many clothes zipper is very tight, as it does not worry.

method of crack: universal vaseline and swab can save you.
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