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We have independent industrial plants, complete production equipment, make sure the custom laundry detergent pods from development to final packaging shipment are completed in our own factory,

which enables us to provide good services to global customers at competitive prices.

Do you want to know the production steps of the water-soluble product pods from raw materials to finished products?

How can we ensure product quality and production efficiency?

How did your custom eco-product work out?

What other interesting water-soluble packaging products do we produce?

Please learn more about us through the following videos.

Jingliang laundry sheets are pre-cut, pre-measured, concentrated sheets of laundry, without liquid or plastic packaging. It is all the necessary natural ingredients to clean our clothes, bound together in a sheet of dissolvable and biodegradable special paper.

Hello,everyone ,welcome to Foshan Jingliang daily chemicals,Foshan Jingliang belongs to Polyva group. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D / production / sales / service. The company's main products include laundry pods, dishwasher pods, bath pods, pet bath pods, hand washing pods and some other categories.

Are you looking to open a refill station? Are you wanting to add more products to your existing line?Do you want a way to decrease waste in the environment .JingLiang offers good quality wholesale Laundry Detergents Pods.

Find commercial laundry supplies in bulk for your business! Shop laundry detergent pods,stain remover, fabric softeners, & bleach wholesale at JingLiang!

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