3 error error use cancer-causing - use towel Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Now the material level. Towel is more and more, the kinds of color design is unique, so use goes and more than a lot of problems. Especially those who rub off the towel, there is a very high content of carcinogenic substances, long-term use of is very terrible consequences. So, what are the pitfalls use towel?

1, continuous diaose towel environmental

a lot of towel is after dyeing. First launching new towels, slightly faded, is normal. If you continue to fade, there are two possible, one kind is the towel is reprocessed product, the other is a towel to use inferior dye. Illegal dyes is produced with waste materials and inferior chemical dyes, costs only one over ten of the normal dyes, also contain carcinogenic substances such as aromatic amine. When the body long after contact with towel containing aromatic amine, aromatic amine easily absorbed by skin, induce cancer or allergies, and aromatic amine can be lurking in the human body for 20 years. So, take illegal dyes to dye wash a face towel, and washed with industrial waste water, would result in grave damage to the skin, a health hazard.

2、“ Antibacterial & throughout; Most not antibacterial towel

in addition to breed of design and color is rich and colorful, now on the market also appeared a lot of functional towel, such as & other; Antibacterial & throughout; Towel. This & other; Antibacterial & throughout; The price of towel to is several times more expensive than ordinary towels. If towel fibre itself has antibacterial function, the towel is really has the antibacterial effect, but at present this kind of fiber is very few, so now on the market of the so-called & other; Antibacterial & throughout; Most towel not antibacterial.

3, towels, not the soft the bibulous

towel mainly depends on the quality of yarn and fabric composition. Some towels help softener, feels very soft slippery, but has very poor water imbibition. Now in the market to sell the towels, generally three big kinds, also have different water imbibition, citizens can distinguish by small labels on the side of a towel.

warm prompt you: towel is one of our everyday objects, is indispensable to life. But rub off towel carcinogenic, use towel 3 error is a lot of people don't know, so must know when to use these common problems and issues, take responsibility for their own health.
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