A black T-shirt small coup - washing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Black is the most common color all the year round. Black clothing show thin joker, mysterious and sexy, is the color for young and old. Black dress so many advantages, there are also disadvantages. Most of the black wool, faded, which makes us very upset. Is below small make up to you carefully arrange washing black T-shirt small coup, for reference only.

black T-shirt wool washing small coup

washing small tips, warm wash

25 ~ 35 ℃ water, separated from other clothes to wash, and most importantly, a black T-shirt in the air is basked in, in turn, when you need to put in the outside of the inside, not in the sun insolates, because after high temperature exposure, can produce color easy to make a black T-shirt is the condition of uneven dyeing. So, a black T-shirt and other clothes need to be in the open air to dry.

wash small coup, salt water washing

article of dyed with direct dye or standard cloth, lattice cloth color adhesion is generally poor, can add a little salt in the water when washing, put clothes soaked 10 - in the solution - 15 minutes after the wash, can prevent or reduce the fade.

wash small coup three, softener washing

with sulphur fuel dyed fabric, generally the color adhesion is strong, but with poor wear resistance. Therefore, it is better to first in the softener for 15 minutes, with the hand rub gently, then rinse. Don't use washboard rub, lest cloth silk white.

small coup four, washing soap and water washing

because dye can melt in the alkaline solution, so can be wash with soap and water and alkaline, but is important to note that after washing to rinse clean with clear water immediately, don't make soap or alkali long immersion or residual material.

five methods of different clothes to prevent fading

1. New cotton vest, t-shirts, with boiled water immersion after wear, can wear and do not fade.

2. Easy faded jeans washing, wash before you put it in a strong cold soak in salt water for about 2 hours, then washing with soap is not easy to fade.

3. Wash easy faded clothes, you can soak clothes in the salt water for about 30 minutes, then remove with clean water, and then according to the general washing washing method. This can prevent clothes fade, especially black or red clothes, more significant effect.

4. Sweater washed easily fade, if the sweater soak for 10 minutes with cool tea first, then according to the general washing washing methods, after the washing methods, sweater not only can wash clean, and will not fade, can also extend the use fixed number of year.

5. Non-ferrous material due to improper washing fade will affect the beautiful. Most of the dye easily dissolves in water; Dye wet condition under the action of the sun, also easy to fade; Dyes and fiber texture combined with strong enough, when washing will be faded color. So, to make the cloth do not fade, with the exception of washing should be paid attention to when not long soak in hot water, soap water, caustic soda, don't use a washboard or rub brush brush, can put some salt in the water when washing, reoccupy clear water rinse dry net, is also a good way to prevent clothes fade.
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