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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
The rainy season, the laundry is not easy to dry, put in the cabinet is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, produce unpleasant mildew, and even hard to remove the mould, and thus the fine clothes was ruined, how can in addition to the clothes of like mold and mildew spot? To share some useful tips.

soap method

the weather gradually warm, especially in the south, drawer, closet will send out a little musty, don't worry, you can put a bar of soap, where there is little musty mildew is eliminated in the near future.

blowing method

will take out all clothes in the cupboard and fluffed out, use electric fan blowing on the chest and clothes. If there is a need to wear clothes, can blow the clothes hang up straight, so like mold will remove a lot.

soaking method

in clean water with a little white vinegar and some milk, stir well, put a little musty clothes soaked in water, soak completely before bubble 10 minutes, remove clothes mildew was removed after rinse clean.

to remove the mould method:

soaking method

use the water that clean out rice to soak have mildew spot, the time is longer, because the water that clean out rice protein can adsorb some mould, so you can get rid of the mildew spot is lighter.

the rubbing method

some of the more deep mold, it is difficult to remove, can brush to clean the mould first, and then use some alcohol to rub, or prepare some hot soapy water wash over and over, finally, rinse clean with water.

cotton clothes: available a few root mungbean sprout, where there is mildew repeatedly rub, and then rinse the clothes clean with clear water, mildew is removed.

silk clothes: first the silk soaking in the water with a soft brush to scrub, more if mildew and very heavy, can have mildew place with some 5% alcohol solution, swab repeatedly several times, can quickly remove mildew.

leather clothing: dip in with towel first wiped repeatedly, some soap and water to remove dirt, rinse immediately with water, then dry, then apply some oil jacket.

polyester, usable brush dips in some soap water scrub, rinse the clothes with warm water again, mildew can be removed.

wool clothing: first put the clothes in the sun for a few hours, after drying the mildew points with the brush gently brush away. If it is caused by the oily be soiled, perspiration and mold, can dip in with soft brush some gasoline, where there is mildew repeatedly scrub, then wipe with clean towel repeatedly several times, dry it in ventilated place.
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