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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
It is well known that the laundry is one essential thing in life. From ancient water washing, to modern soap introduced from abroad, to the popular washing powder, and s to ninety s laundry detergent lead the mainstream. Now, all the rage in the laundry and profuse swept through a new revolution.

laundry tablets: USES the German technology, green, health, life, new pursuit of

for a long time, washing supplies market is the main traditional cosmetic market, the market demand is big. According to the relevant authority, according to data at present, the market capacity in washing industry in our country has more than 300 billion. Among them, washing powder and detergent occupying most of the market. However, use washing powder or laundry detergent washing method is questionable. For example, because the excessive phosphorus should be used in detergent, laundry detergent, Alkali) Compounds and fluorescent whitening agent, its safety to be reckoned with.

in such circumstances, due to the pursuit of green healthy living, most consumers are hoping to wash products can more healthy environmental protection. According to industry experts, consumers not only want to washing products meet & other; Functional & throughout; Demand, but also meet & other; Don't damage the environment, do not harm health & throughout; The & other; Friendly & throughout; Demand. Green, health, environmental protection, safety, has become the latest pursuit of washing products consumers. Therefore, using German technology, the natural plant as raw material, does not contain phosphorus ( Alkali) Compounds and fluorescent whitening agent of laundry tablets have been consumer's consistent recognition and hotly, become everybody's laundry new helper.

laundry tablets: create a new era for health laundry, lead the new revolution of the washing

it is known that laundry tablets has a deep clean, safe, healthy, environmental protection, no residue, protection of color clothes, affordable, easy to carry. Specifically, laundry tablets to & other; Health first & throughout; For the guidelines, the new nano super concentrated technology, compared with general washing products more healthy, more convenient, more clean. Particularly noteworthy is the laundry tablets tested is completely harmless.

in the meantime, laundry a high content of active ingredients, has the strong force of clean, is four times higher than normal laundry detergent, and compared with the general washing products save more, a small piece can clean 3 kg of clothes, and the price is only half of laundry detergent, price is very high. “ One laundry can get all kinds of laundry problems, can wash close-fitting clothing and infant clothing, the whole family, old and young, you can use truly healthy laundry! ” Used for laundry consumers said.

for broad consumer, laundry comply with the demand of market popularization, lead a healthy life washing, there is no doubt that overturns the traditional, healthy laundry into a new era, and create a new revolution in the laundry. The personage inside course of study analysis, the laundry pieces fit into the new requirements, the laundry from simple function to the level of quality of life, is expected to accelerate the washing users upgrade of the market, create a myth of washing the new age.
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