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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
We met at the time of tourism travel often an awkward question, is the clothes is to change, or a set of wear exactly? The key to this question is outside the laundry is not convenient, even the hotel will also encounter this problem. Maybe someone will say to the laundry, as for this, but seems to be only a small soap to wash your hands in the hotel, no laundry supplies.

general hotel rooms not laundry supplies, combined with the common room not bask in clothings. Individual will deluxe room with washing powder, washing supplies. To save costs, most of the hotels provide only a small piece of soap, this is what to do, can't travel also bring their own laundry detergent, laundry, & other; A piece of paper & throughout; Let your laundry immediately problem solved.

this is a super concentrated green laundry sheet is easy to carry, using German technology - Nanoparticles cleaning technology, redefine & other; New era laundry & throughout; 。 What is the laundry, you easy to understand for the laundry products condensation on a piece of paper would be a mistake. Tsuen jiing laundry tablets do not contain fluorescent agent, talcum powder, phosphorus harmful ingredients, such as environmental protection does not hurt the clothes, do not hurt the hand.

travel, everyone wants to wear beautiful, if there are stains on the clothes definitely affect the mood of play. For travel for laundry products, not only convenient to carry, strong decontamination ability can not be ignored. Aimed at mass laundry pain points: besmirch hard, more difficult problems such as bleaching, clothes to wash after a hard, tsuen jiing three ingredients to better solve the problem.

used in toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, surface active agent, has superior cleaning performance and safety performance. Biodegradation enzymes, has a strong ability to remove the obstinate stains, dirt and stains, and does not damage clothes fiber. Coupled with the natural plants extracts, effectively protect skin, make skin more healthy.

low temperature instant, 6 seconds is completely dissolved in cold hard water, don't have to wait to forget is washing it. Unique formula, the bells of scent add charming fragrance for your travel.
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