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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Laundry it said it's not a big, said small not small is just one small thing in the life on the surface but also closely related with the ever-changing science and technology, our healthy life? Let the laundry has become increasingly simple though way by hand from the evolution to the machine but there is still a crucial steps especially with what is that washing products? How much to add?

wash a clothes, want how much? Wash bed sheets, how much to add? Wash family clothes, and how much?

laundry detergent, laundry detergent added more not only waste water electricity costs, also hard to rinse is not conducive to environmental protection, also easy cause allergies.

laundry detergent, laundry detergent add again afraid fewer clothes to wash not clean, still dirty also is really a headache problem!

how to maximize the accurately let wash products work? Don't worry, laundry me help!

laundry sheet can help you to solve all the problems of laundry, because it has the following advantages:

1, nanotechnology,

2, powerful scouring

3, lasting fragrant

4, mild formula

5, concentrated light

now, the new German nanotechnology super concentrated laundry sheet package by the exquisite technology strength, gentle laundry formula meticulous rinsing every step for you!

light, without measuring cups

super concentrated laundry sheet package USES the German advanced nanotechnology, change the configuration of the previous washing products, super concentrated, thin, add 2 - gently in laundry Three slices can, without measuring cup, easy easy to wash easy to carry.

powerful scouring, chun white laundry

with professional and powerful decontamination capability, in view of the stubborn grease, perspiration, rich in clean factor, can quickly dissolved, in-depth fabric to remove dirt. Also has the antibacterial mouldproof, clothing that divide mite soft care, durable stay joss-stick, etc.

using the green natural plant extraction safe environmental protection formula, do not contain phosphorus, do not contain harmful ingredients such as fluorescent whitening agent, plant green, biodegradable, PH value neutral and mild formula does not hurt the clothing does not hurt the skin, clean clothes at the same time guarantee the healthy, care for family health!
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