A thick cotton-padded jacket - in the winter to be like this Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Winter cotton-padded clothes although the warmth retention property good, but thick cotton-padded clothes washing is not a very easy thing, the right of cotton-padded clothes cleaning method, and see it together.

some cotton-padded jacket machine is very easy to deformation, especially in the process of dry, generally have a label on the clothes, can indicate the clothing processing and can be dry, wash the clothes according to the requirements on the label. Bright white white clothes to wash, please use detergent with bleaching effect. Wash the clothes in the water add 84 effect is very good also, but must be diluted 84, or it will damage the clothes. And special clothes bleach can also. Very dirty place, can use soap to rub.

keep your clothes dry, apply special hand washing laundry detergent directly in besmirch place, let stand for 5 min ( If besmirch is serious, can use soft brush gently scrub the stains, back and forth or gently with a clean towel to wipe besmirch place) Add with clothes to the laundry detergent ( Remove the precoating washing agent dosage) Water, knead gently. After besmirch purify, clothes thoroughly rinse clean with water, put in ventilated place dry.

laundry, cannot twist dry, should be the moisture extrusion; Air is basked in, as far as possible after the clothes don't drop, placed in ventilated place opposite to dry, not exposure or drying; Will be dry, usable hand or sticks gently, can make the cotton, to restore the natural fleeciness state as well as to thoroughly dry cotton, prevent mildew; Finally will completely dry clothes with breathable pack up and stored in ventilated, dry inside the wardrobe.
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