A whole piece woolfell how to cleaning? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Skin with dry cleaning or washing can actually wool, if washed, will be expected to follow the steps below:

1. In no more than 40 ℃ warm water to add cold dedicated cleaner, sperm washing or wool and wool soaked.

2. The wool washing in the washing machine. When choosing washing function, can choose specialized wash wool product range or wash with warm water, but not more than two minutes.

3. Thoroughly rinse with clear water will all lotion, until water is clear.

4. Taking advantage of wool is wet, comb in the same direction.

5. Wool dry, it is better to adopt them, avoid direct sunlight or tumble dry. Air-dried hanging way, when will both sides with tongs clamped, allow it to dry naturally.

6. For wool dries quickly, please hand in sheep's clothing every Angle, gently pull out, until the wool is restorable, and continue to air dry until completely dry.

skin after washing wool carpet can use dry cloth blot moisture slightly, or in accordance with the size, load the laundry bags with towel or rapid dehydration in the washing machine, to speed up the drying.

woolfell receive

because wool for natural objects, need a certain amount of oxygen and to avoid damp, when receive so shall adopt the way of involute and the package of newsprint paper will put in carton; If placed in the bin, remember to put moisture absorption. Many people will woolfell carpet rolled up to tie up put in plastic bags, it is the wrong way. If placed in the plastic bag, remember to open the mouth, let airiness.

wool skin daily cleaning and maintenance of the

wool skin daily use on the clean job is very simple, as long as the two steps.

1. Follow the wool growth direction, comb comb with steel wool.

2. Pick up after the carding the wool skin shake a shake, let the residual dust or debris on the surface of the drop.
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