Accidentally get cosmetics on the clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Love beautiful girls cannot leave the thing called almost every day & ndash; — Cosmetics. Especially cosmetics, such as lipstick, foundation if accidentally got clothes, is always a headache, but way is always some oh!

one, not lazy, immediately deal with the

dirty clothes from which part, must be handled in time, if lazy or wait to go home in the processing, has the potential to cause stain stay too long and not easy to clean.

2, first don't flush, but put on cleaning fluid

just don't be impatient when dirty water, because most of the cosmetics containing grease composition, easy to stain after touching water diffusion is more difficult to clean up instead, suggested that pour cleaning fluid directly on the stain, ( Dishwashing detergent effect is better) The stain can be completely cover.

3, patient, let stand for a period of time

with cleaning fluid after don't try so hard to clean, quiet place for a period of time to let your clothes ( About ten minutes) , this will make decontamination effect is better.
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