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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Go out in the outside, in addition to want to go to travel with a soul, more or less to bring clothes and bring much trouble, with less need to wash brush, wash brush & hellip; …

some hotels have no washing machine, no place to bask in some hotels, laundry is not easy to do the next day, hide not open laundry problem, how should solve?

laundry when they travel in the history of the strongest solution

'kill two birds with one stone method: wash clothes while bathing

the shower, side with the feet trample clothing, deal with socks kind of dirty clothes is particularly effective, its effect is comparable to a washboard, trample and saves on the hand washing clothes. Is out of the shower, such as clothes or to wash well, and then with water to rub a rub, jilt a can. Almost as much as to use single cylinder washing machines wash his clothes.

as for the other clothes, underwear, dear friends, or your hands.

'lazy washing method one: all the way walk all the way to abandon

some netizens did this:

in accordance with the travel days bring a well-worn or don't want to use the underwear, a day after replaced on the spot away, stay cool!

so usual old underwear will be collected, you, of course, this method is only suitable for travel & hellip; … Or no expect to encounter.

'lazy washing method 2: product a lot of in the

the foreign people are so dry:

they can product a pile of clothes, and then wait for a place when all ~ into the washing machine and then drying.

they will usually take N panties of eight T-shirt and so on, and their clothes although wear dirty but then, you may ask them have peculiar smell? They rub against the stench, or they will have body odor & hellip; in one day

'the happiest washing method: self-service coin-operated washing machine

if you check in the hotel just have coin-operated washing machines, dryers, that your luck is really good, as long as pay buy package detergent again can. Especially big thick clothes, the most easy is to spend money to the hotel laundry room, they have the dryer.

even if there is no washing powder to sell, it doesn't matter, back to my room to disposable toilet soap grated, or take the hotel provides free bath, pour shampoo, can wash out our wide selection of clothing, effect and even than washing powder.

yes, washing clothes, how fast dry is big!

finished washing clothes, roll up the towel twist

washed out, try to twist dry, split and then on the big towel, roll of a roll, wrest, let it absorb the remaining water, just the second day.

will clothes hanging in the air conditioning and low

the clothes hanging in the air conditioning ( Heating) Blowing mouth near or air conditioning, Heating) And place.

or, a chair to the air-conditioner ( Heating) Blows directly to the place, wear the clothes on the chair, let the cloth don't stick together.

low hung the wet clothes in the bathroom all night open exhauster

with hangers, provided by the hotel in the evening hang wet clothes in the bathroom, and then all night open exhauster, unless the weather is very damp, in general, the second day wake up, the clothes are dry.

low particularly effective tips to wet socks

socks will stand on the desk lamp, wall lamp shade, work well, but be careful not to touch the light bulb.

easy rolling wrinkles knead wash

when the ground to knit method

the clothes dry, can take up with heavy pressure, a pressure rolling wrinkles rub to wash. For example, lay flat on towel, to press the desktop upside down it, or placed under the mattress. The second day have propped up clothes!
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