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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
But down jacket is the sort of winter coat, down jacket for maintenance and cleaning is a big problem. Wash down jacket is easy to damage the down jacket original fleeciness feeling or warmth, and after cleaning also often have feather agglomerate phenomenon. Poor wash into a cluster of down jacket warmth retention property, and a slightly uneven surface, so as to make the down jacket is beautiful and big discounts on performance, then after the wash down jacket down into a ball?

down jacket clouds of reason:

down jacket is the feather filling packing coat, filling material is plush, plush encounter water easy to flat bottom go to, if use hand rub, the feather is not fully dry, after washing and drying method is not correct, the inside of the lead to uneven distribution of down and feather, to form a smooth dough. Such as wet city in the south, for feather agglomerate phenomenon is more serious.

down jacket clouds of the solution:


down feather clouds of solution method of the most important thing is to wash down jacket, down jacket at ordinary times washed by hand not machine wash as far as possible, and before washing, soaking in warm water first, join the special laundry soft liquid. When washing, don't pull collar will back and forth across the water to wash down jacket, such meetings make down together and lead to deformation of down jacket. Don't don't brush clean after twisting twist dry moisture in time, more don't like twist twist to squeeze the water, should be to squeeze water slowly.


down jacket after clean, hang to dry. When down jacket to dry naturally, with the hand gently pat or flap with a larger area of hangers, so down jacket can restore to the original fluffy and soft, and no peculiar smell. If there are clouds of phenomenon, you can open the home electric blanket, and then put the clothes in the quilt over your heat, can effectively solve the feather agglomerate phenomenon.


1. After guarantee it all done, will open the clouds of maomao, must let the parts are on average, if there is uneven, is cold, it is very important, if still cannot solve the is wash again, shoot a maomao open after washing will be good.

2. At ordinary times through the down jacket don't fold, fold easily let down jacket down into clumps, try to choose store hung in the closet.

3. Long time no through the down jacket to wear before, first natural drying in the sun for a period of time, and then pat to wear.
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