Air conditioning can be washed? _ be you can use the washing machine, air conditioning Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Hot summer weather, almost every family to install the air conditioning, people often open all night air conditioning in the summer, but accidentally catches a cold, air conditioning is one of the necessary bedding is summer.

air conditioning is already can keep cool, and can prevent a cold, a lot of friends in use. Air conditioning is used for a long time how to cleaning? Air conditioning can be washed? Air conditioning can use washing machine? You must also have a lot of confusion, so with the below small make up together to get to know.

air conditioning can be washed?

air conditioning can be washed? Especially in the summer, often perspire, so regular cleaning air conditioning is very necessary. Air conditioning is the main component of silk cotton, which belongs to the chemical fiber, is can completely clean. Clean the air conditioning was matters needing attention are mainly the following points.

1, to be decided by the material of the filling water temperature and washing way, such as acrylic is not too high, the water temperature of air conditioning in the wash water for 20 minutes, gently rub a few times, again a few water, dry after dry can be used; Silk by and duvets are & other; Jiao qi & throughout; Point, by core is not clean, so use to cover with quilt, dirty after you just wash the quilt.

2, after being washed to detergent fully rinse clean, then dry.

3, air conditioning is not wash with hot water, with warm water or cold water.

air conditioning can use washing machine?

in fact of some textile can use washing machine, this is mainly decided by the material of it. The filler material of air conditioning is on the market at present basically has: hollow fiber cotton, washed white goose down, feather and fillings such as silk.

most air conditioning is hollow fiber cotton, is a kind of can wash the quilt, hollow fiber cotton is using high quality polyester and excellent performance of three dimensional crimp hollow fiber, processed and become a kind of cotton products, its fiber raw material for polyester.

the hollow fiber cotton quilt is fluffy and warm warm sex good permeability, pressure lift the shape of products, and prevent deformation, light quality, tensile sex is strong, washable, does not fear the bug eat by moth, mildew proof moistureproof.

air conditioning is used washing machine special attention should be paid to the 2 points:

1, can't use hot water.

2, use detergent to wash after a few times more water, then dry.

first immerse 15 - in the washing liquid 20 minutes, washing machine mode to taste soft, is used in air conditioning machine to take off the water, drying the quilt when you need to pull around jitter, textile quilt tightly curled together at core.

what kind of air conditioning can't use washing machine?

and eiderdown quilt cover with silk, usually don't have to wash, I want to wash you just wash the quilt cover, directly to the air can be core.

cotton air conditioning is by using natural cotton as filler, and also can't washing cotton core, but can be in the sun, sun when repeatedly slapping a few times, help cotton core osteoporosis. The quilt is also want to use a quilt cover, dirty when only wash the quilt cover.
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