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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Sometimes really think washing industry development come to a point where it cannot development, think that it will stagnate, thought washing ignored. But since China & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; After development planning adhere to the road of sustainable development, for the development of Chinese plate washing industry has brought great opportunities. Washing industry in our country now each year more than 300 billion yuan of the market, to further expand the size of the market also will achieve in the future.

the rapid development of science and technology to improve the quality of life has a huge role, make the Chinese washing product structure has also changed. With the constant reform and invention, washing products successively appeared, laundry detergent, laundry soap, washing powder and ushered in the laundry. It appears again refresh people awareness of washing products, but also caused a new round of marketing. And in the washing market gradually dominate, so great a market cake, make numerous merchants flocked to it.

in such a critical s, laundry was born, opened a new era of healthy catharsis. Laundry is a new concept of flake washing products, it is worth mentioning that it USES German hi-tech nanometer technology, easy to wash, Yi Piao, does not hurt the hand, fragrance for a long time, on a business trip or travel easily take pieces, very portable. Laundry tablets in harmful chemical additive did low pollution and high environmental protection, in line with the modern people to the requirement of green, health, environmental protection, so many good convergence, is dedicated to bringing the consumers more perfect and more healthy washing new experience!

of course, more to say, laundry products for super concentrated, not liquid, filler content is relatively small, plus it for low foam, don't need to rinse many times. This not only saves electricity, with water also cut filler and wastewater emissions, thereby reducing the pollution of land, rivers, etc, to protect the ecological environment, is indeed a great invention.

it is understood that in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries or areas, laundry slice of the market share has reached the saturation degree, can be in the country has just started. If you want to make the laundry to popularity, into their homes, still need to each big brand promoting. Laundry is slightly more than 98% of the popular products in the business is totally different, it is not a conceptual product, it is not a product of the dispensable, but rather, just need to be! There are 13 in China. 600 million people, everyone is to use the product! And every one of us often have to use the product! How big is that market, it is obvious!

good product always want to let more people know, laundry tablets exert its powerful strength, would like to the healthy concept of convenient to convey to the families, in ensuring the quality of products at the same time, the direction of product sales to expand, let the brand based on the top of the world. Big strategy, structure, big advertising carrying a big media, big health.

as laundry sheet strong, its new product characteristics also like Europe and the United States market popular trend, by the vast number of consumers praise, set a good reputation in the domestic market. Of course, times are changing, good product must can let a person remember, laundry is the Gospel of health, keep healthy forever in our side, make life more simple and beautiful.
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