Also a revolutionary change - — Sucked tablet laundry - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Washing laundry tablets are manufactured using the latest nanotechnology products, not only greatly improve the decontamination capability, but also has antibacterial, mouldproof, does not hurt the characteristics of the fabric and skin. Compared with the traditional way, with the laundry to wash clothes, you can save at least half of the water, and washing wastewater discharge, after a week after the biodegradation rate reached 98. 2%, greatly reduce the pollution to the environment. A revolution in the laundry, also change! ”

color piece with German nano adsorption absorption technology, multicolor clothes can be mixed to wash! Put in color master piece, there will be no string, dye seqin conditions of color, can adsorption off the clothes of bacteria and heavy metal! To save time, save water and electricity! Women do laundry must! When you need to wash the clothes in 2 & ndash; Three can! Super powerful! A revolution in the laundry, also change! ”

laundry tablets is washing industry achieve a breakthrough in the transformation of health. It is not hard to see in the future in the market for washing, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, lose their living space. A healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home. A revolution in the laundry, also change! ”

laundry main characteristics, without phosphorus without silver agent without additives, mild and not hurting hands, treasure mom are preferred. When traveling to carry and convenient!
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