Analyze the major misunderstandings of household use of hand sanitizer?

by:Jingliang     2023-09-18
Wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap? I believe that most people choose hand sanitizers because of their convenience, sterilization, and emollient properties. ​Removal of dirt, sterilization and disinfection are the main purposes of hand washing, and hand sanitizer can only satisfy its sterilization effect, because most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, and alcohol cannot effectively remove some dirt attached to the small gaps in the skin, such as Dust, dirt, blood stains, etc., so once your hands are contaminated with such dirt, hand sanitizer alone is not enough. It can be seen that the premise of using hand sanitizer is to remove these dirt first. Therefore, in this case, you should use soap to wash your hands instead of simply using hand sanitizer. In fact, when you go to the hospital, you will find that many doctors use soap to wash their hands, not because the price of soap is cheap. Of course, not all hand sanitizers contain the same ingredients. If the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer is less than 60%, the sterilization effect will be greatly reduced. If you wash your hands with this kind of hand sanitizer, it will not work. When buying hand sanitizer, pay attention to check the active ingredient content on the product label. Some hand sanitizers will be labeled with the content of ethanol, para-aminobenzoic acid and isopropanol instead of alcohol. In all forms, the content should be between 60% and 95%. If the content is less than 60%, it cannot effectively kill viruses and bacteria. However, the higher the alcohol content, the better. If the alcohol content is higher than 95% or pure alcohol, the bactericidal effect will be inhibited. Hand sanitizer can only be used as a reserve army for soap. The best way to wash your hands is to wash your hands with soap first to remove dirt, and then use hand sanitizer to sterilize and moisturize the skin. When using hand sanitizer, more is not better, just press a drop every time you use it. After rubbing repeatedly on your hands, rinse with running water for more than 15 seconds, so that the hand sanitizer can be thoroughly cleaned. Although many hand sanitizers contain skin care ingredients, in the dry winter, frequent hand washing will still lead to dry hands, so you should apply a special moisturizing hand cream after washing your hands.
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