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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Disinfection is not use cleaner with laundry detergent? A lot of friend pour laundry detergent and clothing disinfectant together into the washing machine. Is that they both fall into the washing machine, with washing machine rotating humming, clothes will be more clean?

you should also use disinfectant with laundry detergent!

our hands washing machine liberated from the wash tub, lazy people have again after the washing machine washing frequency also improves.

but lazy is endless, as in the use of laundry detergent and clothing disinfection on this, a lot of friend also came up with a way for more lazy & ndash; — Pour the laundry detergent and clothing disinfectant together into the washing machine. Is that they both fall into the washing machine, with washing machine rotating humming, clothes will be more clean?

of course not!

general cleaning products can play a role of clean, because they contain surfactants, only the variety and dosage of surfactant will have difference. For example, some in the laundry detergent can add non-ionic surface active agent, have a plenty of use of non-ionic surfactant and ionic surfactant compound formula, even join the active enzyme to enhance decontamination ability.

disinfection products, too, depending on the scenario used disinfectants have different types and concentrations of add, our common disinfectant is added to the wash protect product of xylenol between chlorine.

the original disinfectant and detergent taking turns, working efficiency high effect, nice & ndash; — Disinfectant xylenol between the chlorine in the first horse, easily breached bacterial cell walls, and the reaction of the protein to kill bacteria; Then let laundry detergent in the nonionic surfactant and several kinds of surfactants, together to eliminate stains from clothing.

but if both used, part of originally should kill protein between chlorine xylenol will be attracted by non-ionic surfactant, not into sterilization in career; Rather than between the chloride ion surface active will also because the interference of xylenol, greatly reduces the decontamination effect.

at this point, you have already lost two general clean & hellip; , why still have worse, that is, between the chlorine xylenol still can let responsible for decomposition of active enzyme, accelerate besmirch and ionic surfactant is very sensitive to hard water, if high content of calcium and magnesium ions in water, the cleaning effect will also be discounted.

see here, whether out of economic considerations or humanitarian spirit, we should stop making laundry detergent and disinfectant mixing interfere with each other. Laundry use disinfectant correct method should be & ndash; — Before using the laundry detergent, detergent and water according to 1:50 - first Mix the proportion of 1:100, soaked clothes about 20 minutes, and then a simple rinse.

rinse after use clean other cleaning products to the next.

although the chemical composition of all kinds of detergent, many detergent also played & other; More safety & throughout; Signs, but for junior partner senses is sensitive, just from the taste is hard to bear the stimulation of disinfectant. Between the chlorine and xylenol indeed has low toxicity, can cause certain stimulation to the skin and respiratory tract, may cause irritation.

second, use disinfectant wash clothes if rinse thoroughly enough, with clothes dry moisture to evaporate, the residual concentrations of disinfectant will get higher. In this way, will not only damage clothing, clothing for our contact surface of the skin will also produce certain stimuli.

in the end, don't assume that often use disinfectant can keep you away from bacteria.

because all the clothes on the disinfectant only said he can & other; Killing 99. 9% of the bacteria & throughout; , with the remaining 0. 1% of bacteria has become a leader, they may even be exterminated because resistant gradually and become more and more difficult. And if excessive pursuit of bactericidal effect, can reduce the we contact normal bacteria, which destroys the body's immune system stimulation of normal process.

the body itself has a certain resistance, a small amount of the pathogenic microorganisms will not constitute a threat to health. After washing the clothes to dry under the sun, to a certain time after the residue on the clothing of bacteria will die. So unless you in and out of the hospital recently such more susceptible to bacterial environment, or contact with infectious diseases of the crowd, don't often use disinfectant.
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