Attention should be paid to 16 points - ironing clothing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Manual pressing skills in summary is divided into 16 characters, namely, fast, slow, light and heavy, return, pull, push, delivering, braised, squat, and virtual, arch, point, press, pull, buckle.

specific practice and the request is:

fast: skimpy clothing in iron at high temperature, ironed faster, not repeating the ironing, because some clothing ironing can not be beyond the thermal stability of cloth. When heating iron beyond the required temperature or time limit, the fabric strength, easy hot or hot out of the aurora, only speed up the iron to overcome these shortcomings.

slow: for garment thicker parts, such as: lighter head, welt, iron to slow down, to hot dry wrinkles, otherwise the parts to resurgence, reach a strong effect.

light: for all kinds of garment or fabric is very thin wool garment must be light hot, so that the villi can recover.

: the main parts of the garment, usually is key part, the special requirements of these areas is crisp, durable, not deformation, so good to these parts can only be hot pressure, rise to finalize the design purpose.

to: clothing in the machining process, to make the flat garment body become accord with human body modeling, some parts in front of the garment manufacture, do temporary shape processing. For example: human body protruding parts around, it is to belong to a relatively flat or concave potential, iron should be straight, horizontal wire into to the protruding parts of the fat potential or curved, to more accord with human body shape characteristics.

: pull pull out and is connected with each other, some parts of the back of the shoulder blade, for example, only use of technique can make these parts in line with the requirements of the human body.

push: push is rooted in the process of a specific technique, which will be drawn to a certain amount of position, make the thread around to pull out flat and even.

send: push loose quantity of setting part of combination of technique, she sent them to the set of parts for positioning. For example: only will loose around the waist area of concave potential quantity is pushed to the chest to waist concave potential, chest uplift. Make the garment is concave and convex curve of the stereo sense is more obvious.

braised: in the clothing thicker parts but also the site of water-intensive, must adopt the method of stewing, the iron stay in this area have a time limit, to maintain the heat balance of the two layers of cloth.

squat: some clothing areas appear wrinkles in buckling is not easy. For example: pants loop will iron when ironing gently squat when several times in order to achieve purpose.

: in the process of production, some parts belong to the temporary shape or wool garment to iron, can only keep the style through a hot nest living characteristics.

arch, arch technique refers to some parts can not be directly in the bottom of the iron ironing. Such as: pants seam after file only iron arch up, to sew a splitting, pressing, hot evil spirit.

: some parts don't need to stress in the process of garment processing and squat method, use the technique of point can reduce the friction of garment, aurora phenomenon occurring in a completely overcome the ironing.

pressure: clothing ironing stereotypes, many parts need to offer certain pressure, the fabric of the yield point, make its deformation, can achieve the goal of finalize the design.

: in the clothing ironing, in addition to the right to use the iron, the right-hand man to cooperate with each other, some sites to the appropriate use left hand to pull, push, and they can better play to the role of the ironing forming. For example: the side seam lifting legs, pacing back and forth by iron alone can't overcome, solve the workmanship is insufficient, only with the hand stretch with appropriate ironed, can achieve the goal of bafflers.

button: refers to some parts use the power of the wrist in the process of garment processing, socket thread when make these areas more stick put oneself in another's
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