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Benefits of Enzyme Antibacterial Laundry Gel Beads

Benefits of Enzyme Antibacterial Laundry Gel Beads


As the saying goes, a man depends on his clothes and a horse depends on his saddle. However, for those of us who don't know how to wash clothes, having clothes doesn't help. Because caring for clothes itself is the problem of the century. Every time you look at their hard work to save money to buy clothes, more than a few times to wash it becomes loose, pressure can not be worn. Nowadays, office workers are more and more concerned about the quality of life, some friends even buy dozens of T-shirts at once.

It's not my clothes that have changed, it's my life. In fact, many of our clothes are washed, some detergents hurt clothes and body. They use chemical solvents to powerfully decontaminate, and the clothes washed out may be stained, lose colour, and may produce bacteria harmful to the human body.
Compared with the past laundry powder and traditional laundry detergent, Enzyme Anti-bacterial Laundry Gel advocates the integration of various efficacy of washing and care products into one.
Instead of making laundry a simple and rough cleaning process, it turns it into a laundry spa that combines cleaning, repairing, softening, and scenting.

Clothes washed with Enzyme Antibacterial Laundry Gel can be felt soft by touching them, and they do not lose colour, not only are they particularly comfortable to wear, but they also emit a light fragrance.
A small enzyme antibacterial laundry gel beads, the stomach has added more than one kind of efficacy ingredients.

"Throw one at a time" is the biggest reason why we like to use this laundry gel.
It has some advantages over traditional laundry products. It is formulated with a concentrated enzyme complex in terms of dosage. One small enzyme antibacterial laundry gel can be used to clean 10 loads of laundry.
It is especially suitable for the white washers and handicapped people, and now you don't have to worry about how much laundry detergent you should put in the laundry anymore. You only need to put one gel in the washing machine at a time, avoiding excessive waste.
Enzyme (ferment nutrition) refers to natural plants for deep fermentation of a protein with bioactive catalytic effect because it is a biologically active ingredient, so made into an independent sealed small package is the best, isolated from the air, to avoid oxidation of the enzyme, retaining the activity.


This ingredient can target specific stains very accurately and disintegrate them easily without the need to treat them first and then wash them. So the biggest benefit it has over regular laundry products is that it's more efficient.

Warm tips:
1.Do not pick up the gel beads with wet hands when using.
2.Please do not use the super fast washing mode or pre-wash under 18 minutes.
The most important feature of Enzyme Antibacterial Laundry Gel is that it is dosed with a soluble outer film to maintain the stability of the different active ingredients so that they can work better when dissolved, which really enhances the high efficiency of laundry and clothes care.
Laundry Gel is easy to use, just throw it directly into the washing machine.
There is no need to place it in a box, add other detergents or tear the gel. It dissolves in water without residue, so you don't have to worry about the outer film having a bad effect on your clothes.  

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