Can use the washing machine, baby clothes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Baby clothes is the best hand wash, do not use the washing machine and adult's clothes together wash, because adult's clothes are dirty, bacteria is more, adverse to the baby's health. Best for baby wash clothes do not use detergent or soap, it is best to use no stimulation and safe laundry, low foam Yi Piao qing, it does not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent agent, wash in the open air after the sun to dry.

some treasure mom now or in the traditional washing powder for baby wash his clothes, and the traditional washing powder is fairly common household cleanser, but as a result of exposure over the years, some containing phosphorus, containing fluorescent agents, to the baby's tender skin, therefore not suitable for baby's laundry. Choose clothes for baby as far as possible choose cotton underwear, so minimal skin irritation, newly bought must clean again for your baby to wear underwear.

baby clothes washing is generally is to use special laundry detergent or laundry, composition of safety, strong detergency, easy to dissolve, does not hurt the skin and clothing fibers. And it is without phosphorus and fluorescent agent formula, safe. Greatly reduce the irritating to the skin, let your peace of mind.
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