Care and maintenance matters needing attention - bag Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
1, maintenance tips:

when the bag into the short rest period, with a neutral detergent and maintenance liquid to wipe the whole outer surface, complete with a slightly damp soft cloth to clean the last step, the bags will be able to find a well ventilated, the sleep environment of low temperature.

in the package in the absorption of moisture, and at the same time some old newspapers, with the function of a fixed shape in cotton dust bag to receive work. So, the bag can be easy through high temperature season, regain the same brilliance and vitality.

2, careful cleaners

bags to use for a long time inevitably there will be a dirt or stains, to besmirch, need special leather cleaner will be rid of the stain. Best, customer on a regular basis to professional nursing care centre, for leather care more effective.

3, unfavorable put camphor ball

there are many customers like to not receive leather to the cupboard, also put mothproof camphor ball. It is said that so as not to appear mildew decay phenomenon. This is leather care a big mistake. With volatile constituents of camphor ball used for a long time can make the leather is damaged.

usually receive leather goods only need to pay attention to put the cabinet of ventilation, temperature is low; And receive leather accessories, must use cotton dust bag wrapped in it, package can into some of the best moisture absorption of waste paper.

4, often wipe HanJi not nicked

the summer is very long, and is full of the hot weather, during the hot summer. Sometimes, in order to access the necessary occasions, or because of individual be fond of, many men still like wearing shoes, carry on bag out. If corrosive sweat erosion of leather, leather has long been sweat erosion can appear the phenomenon such as deformation, hardening. So be busy wiping the sweat be soiled on leather, it is favorable to the maintenance of the leather.
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