Care for hand skin, protect women's second face - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Delicate hands are talking, there is a spiritual, a pair of beautiful hand is equal to a beautiful bright smiling face, so people often say that the hand is women's second face. Many women are often proud of you have a beautiful face, makeup all day instead to maintain, but often neglected the care of his own hands.
in daily life, the laundry is we cannot avoid one thing every day, now most of the clothes are machine wash, but some close-fitting clothing or machine wash clothes, must be hand wash, at that time, the direct contact with the hand detergent needs attention very much.

according to expert research, found that washing powder has obvious degreasing effect to the skin, if often contact, dry skin keratinization burst, causing the skin aging is rough. Especially with enzyme washing powder, it contains a kind of alkaline protease, the enzyme can decompose protein on the surface of the skin, causing skin rashes and other allergic phenomenon. At the same time, through penetrate into pores, washing powder will also damage the liver. Human skin is a weak acid, and washing powder ( Liquid) Is alkaline, so contact with hot hand, burn hand when catharsis, as his skin.

in order to make laundry detergent has whitening effect, many manufacturers will fluorescent whitening agent is added in the product. However, in recent years, fluorescent brightener has been found to have effect that cause cancer, great harm to human body health, in the risk of testing this year, there are 36. 2% of the washing sample detection contain fluorescent whitening agent. “ Actually, fluorescent whitening agent is not really the clothes washed white, simply by optical effects cover the stains from clothes, make clothes look more white and bright.

but the clothes on the fluorescent whitening agent is easy to fall, attached to the human body skin, even be absorbed by human body, cause harm to human body health. ” If fluorescent agent into the body, not easy to decompose, like general chemical composition but accumulate in the body, greatly reduce the human body immunity, also can cause blood system damage, cause hemolysis phenomenon. Fluorescent agent and the wound of protein, but also hinder the healing of the wound. Fluorescent agent also can stimulate the skin mucous membrane, occurrence skin wrinkling, sweat to reduce swelling itching, and other symptoms.

laundry, break the traditional washing mode, the natural plant extract essence, easy a, instant, under the influence of water does not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, containing the potent antibacterial scouring nano factor, can penetrate to the clothing fibers, decompose besmirch, pure natural gentle no stimulation, no clothes not hurting hands, skin care, after washing clothes, such as new, soft light fragrance. Bring a more healthy environmental protection, green peace, economic and convenient washing mode.

women love beautiful at the same time, more should pay attention to health, every day we use the damage to us a great deal of washing products, is equal to murder the oneself. Believe that health washing life to you!
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