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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Carpet is very practical household items, many people love to use the carpet in the home, especially families with children, older people. The carpet can put the washing machine?

a, carpet can direct water to wash it

in general, most of the carpet is on the market that can touch water, but also some special carpet can't touch the water. Material, such as some high-grade wool touch after water shrinkage phenomena may occur.

although some carpet can touch water, but also frequent cleaning with plenty of water is not recommended, so as not to affect its service life. Here are some common stains cleaning method:

1, blue ink, the ink dirty carpet, immediately with a grain knead, again with a neutral detergent, such as detergent solution to clean.

2, red ink dirty carpet with alcohol swab immediately, then wash with neutral detergent.

3, with Chen ink stain on carpet, with milk will corrupt place first wet, repeatedly scrub with a brush dipped in milk.

4, on the floor with oily be soiled, usable brush dips in concentrated brine or gasoline scrub.

5, shoe polish, paint can use banana oil or gas scrubbing soiled carpet, then clean with neutral detergent.

6, blood dirty carpet can use cold water scrub, scrub with saline or lemon juice. Can't use hot water, the blood will be heated cement solidification.

7, tea, coffee, dirty carpet available glycerin with pollution, and wipe cloth dipped in warm water, finally clean with neutral detergent.

8, soy sauce, vinegar, milk, ice cream, beverages, dirty carpet, can be learned after drying cloth dipped in warm water first, again with alcohol to swab.

9, fruit stains dirty carpet, available 8% concentration of ammonia soaked corrupt place first, then use brush dips in the ammonia scrubbing.

10 dust, carpet, but they are soaking in soapy water after carpet, increases with the increasing sweep the dip, keep the broom moist, then sprinkle with salt, then use broom sweep, finally use clean cloth to wipe. Or twist dry after soaked in water for the old bed sheet, lay on the carpet, then used a stick, and dust was adsorbed on the wet cloth.

2, carpet can you put the washing machine wash

carpet can be washed by hand, but suggest don't use the washing machine to clean. There are three main reasons:

1, is not as free as hand washing washing machine control strength, it is easy to damage to the carpet ( Do not recommend wash his manual carpet, will shorten the life of the carpet. If it is woven carpet, also want to ask about whether machine-washable) 。

2, is some special besmirch, washing machine can not be washed, need special cleaning hand washing way.

3, carpet is laid on the ground of products, the washing machine to clean may pollute the environment inside the washing machine.
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