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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Cashmere coat was very expensive, prices are basically in more than one thousand. Cashmere coat washing requirement is very high, the washing method is undeserved, can make cashmere coat lose their original properties and become unrecognizable.

in the past two years, warm and comfortable double cashmere coat become the latest must-haves in the fashion circle. Made of two pieces of cashmere fabric stitch double cashmere, couldn't find any thread stitching, is a low-key costly. And its cleaning and more strict.

wash double-sided wool is not recommended, because water will result in double cashmere coat shrink, deformation, etc. , suggest send to professional dry cleaner for cleaning, and washing time too often, in order to reduce the harm of cashmere.

cashmere coat how to maintain? Precious and fragile is necessary for us to pay attention to the maintenance method, cashmere coat because itself is protein fiber, cashmere is easy to eat by moth, or be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, here are specific to see how to maintenance of cashmere, so do to wear new clothes every day.

a, in the home washing

1, generally not washed, take water may be caused by the rubbing or machine stir around cashmere coat deformation or shrink.

2, should be taken to dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is without water washing, detergent and lotion by organic solvent, dry-cleaning cashmere coat after deformation, do not fade, the fiber damage.

dry cleaning should choose a regular and reliable dry cleaners, such as using fake bad dry wash or dry way can cause deformation of the fabric color change, retraction, clothing fabric.

if must be washed by hand, the method is as follows:

1, the amount is so big, long sleeves, shoulder width and length size after washing, if has shrunk, can be ironed back to prototype, so to record the original size.

2, will be dedicated lotion into 35 ℃ water together, and put the cashmere coat has soaked into immerse 15 - After 30 minutes, in key smudgy place and neckline cuffs with a high concentration of detergent, washing methods take knead crowded, the rest parts knead gently pat. ( If there is no special cleaning agent, can replace with shampoo, wash effect is very good)

3, jacquard or multicolor cashmere coat should not be soaked, different colors of cashmere coat is unfavorable also wash together, lest touch color;

4, with about 30 ℃ water rinse, wash, can form a complete set of softening agent amount according to the instructions in the, feel better;

5, after wash cashmere coats out of the water in the, in the net, Or wrapped in gauze,) In the washing machine to take off the tank dehydration;

6, will be dehydrated cashmere coat flat out after drying, with the hand into the prototype order, avoid by all means hanging sunlight;

7, cashmere coat dries quickly, can be used in the temperature ( About 140 ℃) Hot steam iron flat back to the original size, iron and cashmere coat from 0. 5 - 1 cm distance, avoid by all means in the above, such as wet towel by other iron must be pad ( Can also be used in the clothing is not fully dries and after plastic with the hand, do not iron) 。

this way after the wash, can avoid cashmere coat shrinks or deformation.

2, in the home ironing

1, ironing is washing clothes in a certain temperature, pressure, under conditions of water vapor and other Heat styling & throughout; To make clothes smooth, bright and clean, crisp.

the ironing temperature is the most key, should be controlled in 160 c & deg; Of less than, or tag within the maximum ironing temperature of cashmere coat inside to steam ironing effect is best.

2, from the cashmere coat 1 - when steam ironing 2 cm for; Or will cover a towel on the sweater ironing again; Such both neither can hurt cashmere fiber, also won't leave traces of iron.

is unfavorable and dry hot, unfavorable and iron direct contact with clothing, in order to avoid the undesirable.

3, ironing clothes ironed to it not dry, water it is advisable to 5% or so, hot hanger after natural air, more natural and downy.

cashmere coat if you don't have to wash, moldy bug eat by moth find you!

3, everyday in the home care

1, daily wear, evening off hang clothes tree, hanging advisable, avoid squeezing variant or folds. Timely replacement dress best, good clothing to keep new degrees, keep models.

2, leveling buckling

is one of the features of the cashmere has excellent & other; Elastic & throughout; , as long as give enough moisture, can return to the former. If there are buckling for ironing.

3, collar, sleeve line

cashmere coat is woven in smokes connected with lines, if a thread broken, other parts may also have to take off the line. The easiest line place is neckline, cuffs and shoulder connection part.

if there is a line, use a small needle, choose fastens with color yarn will release the eye of one on one.

4, in the home storage

1, pay attention to the insect-resistant eat by moth

through the cashmere coat should be clean, dry completely before away. Cashmere is composed of protein, bad management, it is easy to moth erosion. If is in the cupboard, it is suggested that put some desiccant. Upon notice moth-proofing, forbidden mothproofing agent direct contact with cashmere sweater.

2, stacked save

cashmere coat to fold the pig bag, hang put of avoid by all means, so as to avoid deformation of suspension.

3, ventilation, save

don't bag mixed with other products, avoid light, ventilated, dry place storage, or the timing of the cashmere coat out and have some fun.
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