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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Cashmere is a kind of precious animal fiber, was widely recognized by fashion so far the most expensive textile materials. Cashmere products due to its soft and warm, elegant features, since ancient times for the nobles preferred, known as & other Fiber diamond & throughout; And & other Soft gold & throughout; 。 People both for her Jin Guihe gentle and lovely, also not easy to care for her and confused. Below are summarized for everyone of cashmere products & other; The three discipline eight note & throughout; , I hope will be helpful to you.

“ Throughout the three discipline &;

specifically to cashmere, cashmere no second name

wool pilling is normal, without exception,

cashmere price is not cheap, a price a goods

& other; Throughout eight note &;

do not machine wash, hand wash or dry clean

don't rub, knead gently pat extrusion

don't twist dry, buy a net in the dehydration

do not insolate, air-dried medium temperature pressing

don't hang, fold the bag flat

avoid tide decay, avoid light ventilated dry

avoid friction, away from the tip of rough hard

change frequently, in three days in a

cashmere products too, need to patient care. We recommend 2 - in the case of conditions allow preparation Three pieces in wear, 3 - best Replaced every 5 days, to restore its elasticity, so as to avoid fiber damage and fatigue.

the washing of cashmere products, cashmere products can't use washing machine washing, wash with washing machine mixing cashmere, cashmere products felting. So it's best to dry cleaning, or hand washing.

method is as follows:

1, in the 30 - 35 ℃ warm water to add proper neutral detergent, such as shampoo, detergent for cashmere, soak 10 - 15 minutes. Then press it with handle gently pat avoid scrub the. Such as smudgy serious, can be appropriately extended soak time, or directly at the dry cleaner.

2, after washing, in the 35 - About 40 ℃ warm water wash several times. Finally, the washed cashmere products into the bag in the washing machine dehydration for 2 minutes. Do not twist dry hard, in order to prevent the deformation of cashmere products.

3, dehydration after the cashmere products paving, pad with 120 ℃ - after a wet towel 140 ℃ steam iron finishing to the original size or fit the size of the size, the iron can't direct contact with cashmere products. Cashmere products dry it after plastic tile.

4, suggest piece separate cleaning, avoid each other on the colors of different clothes. Jacquard or clip color clothes to shorten soaking time, avoid different color string color each other of the same dress.

maintenance of cashmere products, cashmere in the maintenance and collection should pay attention to the following:

1, keep clean, often change, prevent moths.

2, change garments according to the storage, must set of sealed plastic bags, after washing, ironing, dry flat is put in the wardrobe. Pay attention to the window to prevent fading. Should often go wet, ventilation, dust exposure. Inside the wardrobe to add mouldproof, anti moth tablet, so as to avoid the cashmere products be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy insect.

3, inner wear coat lining is smooth, with inside pockets of avoid hard objects such as pens, key bag, mobile phone, etc. , in order to avoid local friction pilling. Reduce the friction with hard objects (as far as possible when wear outside Such as sofa back of a chair, armrest, desktop) And the hook. In time not too long, 3 days or so to stop wear or change, make clothing to restore elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage.

4, if you have the ball, not strong pull, must use scissors to cut to pompon, lest caused by off-line beyond repair.
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