Cheongsam, can wear more to maintain Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Cheongsam is China's traditional costume, wearing cheongsam can show women's elegant solemn, so in the contemporary society, the Chinese dress is so popular. Many customers consultation cheongsam maintenance and washing, here we make a brief introduction:

in qipao

due to the particularity of the product, first of all should emphasized the reasonable wearing cheongsam. In general, the Chinese dress in the process of daily wear should be careful, as far as possible to avoid perspiration, oily be soiled, lipstick, such as pollution, avoid scratching rough surfaces, sharp edges, etc. , avoid long-term friction with hard objects. In addition, the Chinese dress can't long time continuous wearing, especially not exposed to sunlight for too long.

washing cheongsam

in general is given priority to with mulberry silk cheongsam fabrics, also has a chemical emulation silk fabrics, cotton, etc. On the basis of careful wearing, in view of the different fabrics cheongsam should choose corresponding reasonable washing method.

mulberry silk fabrics: generally choose dry cleaning or be washed by hand.

the brocade fabrics: suggest you had better use dry cleaning. To remind the cleaners laundry be handled with care.

if choose washed by hand, should be comprehensive review before washing, marking key pollution area, into the water before the preprocessing of polluted parts according to the type with wet towel touchs dirt's washing liquid wiped gently to remove or weaken the besmirch, decontamination can be dissolved after washing liquid for short-term immersion in water, time should not more than 5 minutes.

what need reminds is, should be use silk special detergent or other acidic detergent, must not use the usual washing powder, soap, etc. Because the conventional washing powder, soap, such as alkaline, and mulberry silk fiber is not alkali resistance.

washing liquid shall be uniformly dissolved in the water after the clothing can be put in. Washing water temperature should be controlled under 30 ℃, using soft skill, careful to grasp, the polluted area can be knead, avoid by all means is strong, also can use a soft brush down the fabric texture gently scrub.

the washing time should be controlled within 10 minutes. Colorful cheongsam can also add a little salt when washing, do solid color. After washing with water to rinse, generally should rinse twice at least, until the lotion rinse, the final rinse can add a little vinegar, to keep the silk cheongsam. The whole washing process should prevent rings, bracelets, nails, such as scraping clothing, cause hook silk.

after rinse clothes can squeeze dehydration, dehydration to twist wring or with a machine. After the removal of excess water cheongsam should be simple and plastic, and then split the dry or hang to dry in the shade, should not be exposed to the sun or drying. After drying the cheongsam fold, if any, for finishing.

ironing temperature should be controlled at 165 ℃? Between 185 ℃, can use opposite dry irons or placemat ironing, don't spray directly to the clothing. After ironing clothes should be placed in ventilated place until hot and humid cleared, otherwise easy cause mildew.

chemical fiber fabric and cotton fabric, the fabric can choose dry cleaning, can be washed. In general the polluted or use the jacquard fabric had better use dry cleaning technology, other products can be washed by hand. Using below 40 ℃ water temperature, the conventional detergent or soap, rub wash, rinse, dry or machine dehydration, then hang to dry, warm iron.

save cheongsam

the silk class qipao with hangers hanging in dry ventilation cabinet, pay attention to the length of the hangers to match with Chinese dress shoulder width. For silk qipao, should also be careful not to with fur, wool clothing too close.

in addition, because of mulberry silk protein fiber, easy to eat by moth, so in storing the ambry of qipao also should put mothproof drug. If there are any conditions, can use soft paper to wrap cheongsam, to prevent yellowing, colour is gorgeous. General white cheongsam with blue paper, design and color is gorgeous qipao with dark foil.
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