Chiffon fabric washing and maintenance - little knowledge Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Chiffon, the name comes from the French CHIFFE significance and meaning of sheer fabrics, is the spinning products, silk products fabric thin, transparent, soft and elegant.

“ Chiffon & throughout; & for other Georgette & throughout; , georgette thin transparent texture, feel soft elastic, qing jie quietly elegant appearance, good permeability and drapability, dressed in elegant, comfortable. Is fashionable women's pursuit of fashion fabrics, upper body, both ZhenYi charming and solemn and elegant. Free and easy wearing feel more easily not only, and can make the delicate and charming beauty. Chiffon skirt elegant and cool, have feminine taste extremely, the icing on the cake for ladies clothes.

chiffon feature:

1, thin, soft, natural hang down feeling good, close skin feel good

A, emulation silk chiffon

( 1) Ingredients: pure chemical fiber

( 2) Not easy discoloration, does not fear the sun.

( 3) Convenient do. Machine washable.

( 4) Being very good

B mulberry silk, silk chiffon composition is 100% ( Natural fiber class)

( 1) Ingredients: 100% of mulberry silk, Natural fiber class)

( 2) Long-term wearing good to human skin, cool air permeability, moisture absorption is strong

( 3) More easy to change color, not exposure

( 4) Not easy to do, washed by hand.

( 5) Easy stretch yarn, stitching easy tear, robustness is bad.

the washing method:

1, water washing, the final stretch ironing avoid shrink

2, gentle washing, avoid is scrub the, avoid twist wring, avoid hard brush to wash

3, on-demand with leaching, avoid water temperature more than 45 degrees

4, natural drip dry, after washing do not twist dry hard

5, should be air-dried, basked in death, so as not to fade, not drying

6, is separated from other clothes washing

chiffon maintenance:

1, the heavy adornment chiffon best is flat on the closet, so it is not easy to deformation.

2, don't touch water, if the local touch water, simply soak washing, the final stretch ironing avoid shrink.

3, drip dry naturally do not force twist dry after washing.

4, through a chiffon dress is placed in the plastic pocket, it is best to put in the pockets of cloth, air permeability is infected with dirt won't.

5, with sleeves chiffon dress with hangers hangs, choose cloth hangers, or the two ends of the hanger with a small towel wrapped up, this sleeve is not easy to deformation.

6, spraying perfume must pay attention to the distance. In order to avoid the macula.

7, if at a banquet on the red wine or oil, there are two tips.

method one: with paper towel first, and then find flour or wheat flour, blot on the surface of the water, and then gently blow powder, besmirch sucked away naturally.

method 2: wipe besmirch is more effective with water and soda.
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