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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Choose lace composite fabrics what to notice? Composite bud silk has a soft, feels very comfortable, the density of the fabric is higher, the cold wind effect is good. Can't afford to not wrinkle, ball, wearability is good; Colour and lustre degree is high, it seems that the high-end grade atmosphere. So when choosing composite lace fabric to choose according to the characteristics of the composite lace.

choose lace composite fabrics should note a: examine the pores

(1) real leather surface has more clear pores and decorative pattern.

2. Artificial leather pores is generic, not clear.

3. Cattle leather pores is round. Pore evenly and closely, irregular arrangement on the leather.

(4) of sheep leather pore edge, arranged in covered.

the note 2: choose lace composite fabrics smell

(1) as long as it is genuine leather fabric will have the smell of leather.

2. Leather is stimulating plastic smell and touch feel.

3. Leather is feels comfortable, plump, smooth and elastic.

4. Leather is rigid, hair acerbity, feel stiff.

choose lace composite fabrics should note 3: combustion method

composite cloth fabric tear off a small piece of combustion, the smell of hair, do not knot knot is leather, a pungent taste and knot knot is artificial leather.
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