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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Washing clothes is smart housewife must be to do the housework, and how to determine the laundry way more in line with the need of life, must choose the best quality products, to achieve safe and washing effect. Qi yi laundry is not only a south Korean brand, also has the characteristics of superfine nanometer technology application, in order to safeguard the safety guarantee can and do laundry, also natural is reached safely clean clothes at the same time, and synchronous sterilization effect, also let the clothes after washing, can achieve the best skin care security guarantee, is also achieve laundry security very suitable choice, and laundry tablets of the use of the method is very simple and convenient.

laundry super concentrated, quickly melted in the water, achieve the effect of deep penetration decomposition, deep clean the clothes, the purpose of, in the form of molecules, so the effect is also very thoroughly, so is the laundry safety, protect the trust of choice. Why do laundry piece so powerful?

because it is necessary for the following several advantages:

1, laundry tablets solubility is strong, generally only need 10 seconds can be completely dissolved in the water.

2, laundry decontamination faster, clean effect is 2 of laundry detergent. Seven times.

3, laundry has the effect of nursing clothes, like we usually use of clothing care agent.

4, laundry in the laundry process does not produce a large number of bubbles, rinsing process can save a lot of time and water.

5, laundry tablets have the effect of the protective clothing color, in the process of washing not cause color fading, string, etc.

6, laundry also can have mouldproof, moth-proofing, inside the closet to put a piece of can have the effect of camphor ball, and have a sweet smell.
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