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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
White clothes use more occasions, easy collocation is difficult to clean. Before learn to clean white clothes, need to know what is the cause of the yellowing of white clothes.

perspiration is one of the most common & other; The culprit & throughout; , especially in the summer sweat easily, because the sweat of the human metabolites oils mixed with the human body, a long time, no clean, easy to produce the macula clothing hair is yellow and white. Secondly clothes often wear often wash, or not to dry after washing store, yellow also happens a long period of time. So the correct wash white clothes, not only can prevent yellowing white clothes, can also could extend the white clothes.

best to separate wash wash white clothes, especially the white shirt, white cotton-padded jacket, color in order to avoid contamination. If there is a clear stain on clothes, it is recommended that the first key to deal with besmirch, protective clothing at the same time get the best cleaning effect.

from the environmental protection and laundry the trend of science and technology progress, qi yi suggest preferred dealing with white clothes yellow laundry tablets. Because good laundry products can prevent white hair is yellow, and washing the use of more convenient. Advice directly to covered the besmirch place laundry slice off a bit, rest dissolve stains again in a few minutes in routine washing machine washing.

if there is no laundry, also can temporarily use detergent alternative, as follows:

Step 1 with a basin of water against the first pour some washing powder, let washing powder dissolved in full, will be dirty clothes covered in washing powder in water.

Step 2 clothes soaking time for 30 minutes to an hour, or by clothing label instructions, and then use the washing machine regular washing.
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