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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Wash: 1, the first one: real silk dress is protein and tender care fiber weaving, washing is unfavorable in rough objects and use the washing machine washing, rubbing should be 5 - clothes in cold water - 10 minutes, with a special silk detergent synthetic low foam detergent or neutral soap, then rub gently rub, color silk clothing repeatedly rinsed in clean water.

drying: silk clothes after washing, you should avoid sun exposure, more unfavorable use dryer heat drying, the general should be kept in a cool, ventilated place dry. Because ultraviolet light from the sun is easy to make silk fabric yellowing, fade, aging. So silk clothing should not twist after washing water, should be gently shake, facing out air, air is seventy percent dry pressing or shake flat again.

2, the second: ironing: anti-wrinkle properties of the silk dress is chemical fiber content is a bit poor, so have & quot; No wrinkle is not pure silk & quot; The said. After washing clothes, such as wrinkling, need iron to a crisp, elegant and beautiful. When ironing clothes drying to seventy percent dry evenly spray fog water again, 3 - Very hot again in 5 minutes, ironing temperature should be controlled in 150 & deg; The following C. Iron should not be clicking silken face directly, lest produce the aurora.

3, the third: preservation: preservation of silk clothing, the thin underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas, first wash clean, ironed dry again after collection. Unpick and wash for the inconvenience of autumn and winter clothing, coat, qipao to wash clean with dry cleaning method, ironing, to prevent mildew and decay. After ironing, still can have the effect of sterilization extermination. At the same time, to keep clean for clothes boxes, cabinets, sealed as far as possible, to prevent dust pollution.
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