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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Cleaning printed fabric? As high utilization rate of fabric printed fabrics, was deeply loved by people. But printed fabric with embroidery, fade easily, fall material, the problem such as folding, cleaning up a headache. How do you wash the printed fabrics? Here to teach you the correct printing fabric washing solution.

know printed fabrics:

printed fabrics ( 打印) Refers to the pattern or design of printing on textiles, has attracted much attention because of their diversity and stylish.

cleaning printed fabric?

the one horn of the printed fabric first and then wiped a few times, with white cloth in printing dyes, such as white cloth printing is black.

1. Make sure the correct washing, do not soak, separately in cold water drift, dehydration dry. If bleeding occurs, immediately rinse thoroughly clean again.

2. If you have any requirements, can send dry cleaning.

3. Accidentally get cooking oil, but as soon as possible with detergent scrub; Industrial oily be soiled, use rosin water or gas scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with detergent and water ( Don't use hot water) 。

printing fabrics, how to maintain?

saline soak method: the most suitable design and color clothes fade problem, there is a slight rub off, can be in every time before the water cleaning, soaking with weak brine in ten minutes, the long stick, clothes will definitely won't rub off.

the drying method: most of the fabrics of clothes can be the sun direct illuminate, because ultraviolet light is clothes faded the culprit, so not only should, in turn, air is basked in, as far as possible in the ventilation of the dark place.

printed fabric washing notice:

printing series normal use, normal maintenance, cotton will appear after launching rub off phenomenon, this is normal, please hand wash clean. Printing and dyeing printing with flavor, it is good to the sun a sun, air drying can also, is normal. A lot of beautiful eyebrow to machine wash or into the detergent foam printing rub off.

1. Floating water, bleaching liquid, and 84 disinfectant has has the effect of bleaching, design and color of the clothes must be careful, liquid bleach can be used for white and colored clothes, has the function that wash protect color, floats through the best of fabric softener in soak for a few minutes.

2. Washing powder is now generally phosphorus and bleaching function, can reflect and printing, printing off.
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