Cleaning shoes - 9 big method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
1. Cleaning sneakers, the baking soda is

sprinkle some baking soda to the shoes, brush a brush, put a night. The nature of the baking soda can effectively remove peculiar smell.

2. Use white toothpaste wipe sole, sole will white like new

a squeeze toothpaste on old toothbrush, brush it at the bottom of the rubber dirty. You can wait a few minutes, such as toothpaste into shoe weaving structure below, then use a wet towel to wipe the toothpaste.

3. Shoes bubble vinegar

vinegar is powerful deodorants! Because vinegar is acidic, and cause the shoes smell factor is alkaline. If want to eliminate hate the smell of the sneakers, try to put the shoes into the bubble in the aqueous solution with vinegar. The proportion is about 2 cups of vinegar on the 8 litres of water.

4. Corn flour can absorb the stain suede

maize flour can erase greasy stain on suede shoes, very good oh.

5. After the dilution of alcohol can shoeshine

with cotton buds dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol, or soaking in alcohol gently, wait for about 30 minutes, then wipe away the stain on the shoes.

6. Nail file can eliminate shoes surface scratches and stains

first with a soft cloth gently rub stains, wipe a little stain as often as possible. If stubborn stains don't move a mountain, and then gently wipe with a nail file or sand paper shaving gently, until the stain.

7. Use sand paper to grind sole

a lot of people want their sole more grip, prevent fall, then you can use a sandpaper grind the smooth part of sole, make shoes at the bottom of the rough.

8. Natural edible grade wax, can help the waterproof cloth shoes

cloudy or rainy day, want to stay dry, canvas shoes with wax waterproof. The entire surface wax coating in the shoes, and then use hair dryer blowing waterproof material into the shoes.

9. On the vamp leather

although shoes super hard to take care of, if want to spend the money to maintain, try with a clean cloth stained with mineral oil, to erase the telltale scratches on the shoes, shoe will become very shine!
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