Cleaning with foam cup or shoulder pads considerations - clothes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Cleaning with foam cup or clothes should pay attention to the point of shoulder pads:

1, foam decomposition occurs powder or sand residue, could affect the clothing.

2, for lighter or transparent fabric, usually in the clothes of damage is more apparent, shoulder pads the joint in the process of cleaning, shoulder pads will remain a large amount of solvent, with the increase of weight, shoulder pads will be out of the outer layer of the fabric.

3, some of the foam cup material can be dissolved in some solvent, when be permeated the dry cleaning solvent, the material will become soft and even break down.

4, dissolved materials through the surface of the clothes will seep out, make clothes fade to harden. This damage is cumulative, due to the number of cleaning more becomes more serious.

5, shoulder pads or bubble cup of foam is usually meet with dry cleaning solvent will fade. Stains can make the foam decomposition gradually decay. This damage is cumulative, usually after a long time to emerge.

6, the displacement of the distortion of the shoulder pads. The damage to structures has a direct relationship. If sewn shoulder pads are not appropriate, it is easy to shift, increase deformation.
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