Cloth art class items - washing care knowledge Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
New bed is tasted suggest dry cleaning, should be in dry cleaning at least 3 - Used for a period of time after the bed is tasted best washed, because of the dry cleaning will penetrate into chemical reagent, to a certain extent undermined the fabrics was organized, and not environmental protection.

when catharsis soaking time is too long ( Had better not exceed 30 minutes) , use mild, neutral detergent, let wash dissolved in water, add the bed is tasted, do not use bleach when washing, water temperature not too high, generally no more than 40 degrees.

wash dark bed is tasted, not local job, do not mix with other light color fabric washing.

after washing bed is tasted, appropriate appropriate ironed, ironing temperature does not exceed 140 degrees commonly: air is basked in, don't put the positive exposure in the sun, such as sheet bedding bag should be on the back of the bed is tasted, outward in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

no matter what kind of fabrics, bed is tasted, purchase must be read before washing label instructions: change garments according to the bedding should be clean, dry in a dry place, after wet regions such as southern regularly to dry; A small amount of cannot unpick and wash bed screen, bed side is expected to suggest to use detergent to clean; By core and pillow generally without washing, drying for a period of time after evenly can be gently.

use note: avoid sharp objects such as knife cut, etc. ; Don't direct exposure in the sun for a long time; Near the hammock such as electric furnace; Not with reinforcement learning objects, such as sulfuric acid, etc.
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