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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
In the young gens home decorate on, the choice of sofa cloth art sofa, mostly way of cloth art sofa relative to other material prices are cheaper, and cloth art sofa is soft and comfortable, also convenient with household decorates a style to decorate. But there is a flaw, cloth art sofa is because the surface is easy to dirty cloth, small make up today is to teach people how to wash cloth art sofa.

vacuum cleaner

good defect is easy to dust cloth, cloth art sofa and so on the cloth art sofa clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner such as vacuuming processing on the surface of the sofa. Direct unpick and wash

the cloth art sofa part or most of them are now can put the cloth of sofa come down, so when dirty cloth art sofa can be directly removed after washing clean set back again, but this needs everyone when sofa of choose and buy must pay attention to the cloth of sofa tear open outfit is convenient, the other is the way of different cleaning cloth is different also, elastic sleeve is simpler, directly from home washing machine cleaning is good, if the linen quality advice to send the laundry dry cleaning.

water scrubbing

soiled cloth art sofa has a different way, dirty degree, ordinary small place dirty don't need to tear open come down to set, only need to use water to wash.

detergent. for the

after the dirty cloth art sofa can't put the dirty wash clean with clear water, if you need to use special detergent to scrub, had better use a sponge, sponge absorbent, friction also can produce electrostatic, convenient cleaning cloth art sofa stains. But should pay attention to stains should choose different detergent to scrub, such targeted cleaning can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

professional cleaning

cloth art sofa when there are large areas of besmirch advice please professional cleaning cloth art sofa cleaning staff is better, meet with the stains of large area, no matter in the scrubbing water or detergent scrub is bad handle, we are not professional to choose the most suitable detergent and cleaning equipment, to a certain extent can cause damage to cloth art sofa, so the stains of large area suggest contact professional cleaning processing.


really trouble some cloth art sofa cleaning and maintenance, scrub when they have to be careful not to use too much water, cleaning after the best is to use hair dryer to dry, so as not to cause internal deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, sofa, affect the appearance modelling. But you think household, cloth art sofa modelling fashionable, affordable, sit feels comfortable and design and color is changeable, is all kinds of the most popular sofa sofa.
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