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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
If the choose and buy a good quality and suitable cloth coat, coupled with careful maintenance may wear a five or six years. Often see friends lost a piece of cloth to wear one or two years, the reason is nothing but & other It looks very old & throughout; 、“ The ball & throughout; And so on, is too wasted. Cloth coat how to maintain life extension to make the coat?

cloth coat clean article

1, woolen cloth coat basic is divided into three categories: all kinds of wool, chemical fiber and blended, washed wool, shrinkage deformation easily.

suggest the best dry cleaning, do not wash, machine wash. A little bit dirty but we normally woolen cloth coat, always not cleaned it, don't bargain, also a waste of time. So the usual daily cleaning must rely on our own, it is good to pay attention to the method.

2, small area pollution treatment

if accidentally contaminated by a small piece of at ordinary times, first with a clean, dry towel gently wipe out the pollution, then put a clean towel with warm water ( 30 - 50 degrees) Soak, then twist to not drop down. Coated the pollution, then pat off coat pollution, make the impurity contamination absorbed by towel, absorb after clean, can appropriate ironed, pay attention to the hair fiber ironing. And then dry it in ventilated place

3, water pollution,

if there are tea, coffee and other water-based stains on the clothes, can under your dirty coat first a dry towel, with a dry towel, because towel absorbent strong, this can make the stain won't spread. And then to wipe, make besmirch to narrow the area of clean with neutral detergent and then go home immediately.

4, stubborn stains

for stubborn stain is not easy to clean, can be cleaned with cloth stained with vinegar or lemon juice. Because only acid to dissolve the pigment precipitation down, if there were stains, is a cloth glued to neutral detergent wipe repeatedly, then wash detergent with water.

cloth coat maintain article

1, the continuous wear time is too long can't

continuously for a long time to wear cloth coat, easy to cause the elastic fatigue, feel is hardened, cause cloth coat deformation.

2, clean and

cloth coat should not be clean, easy to lose elasticity after cleaning, the texture will become worse, so keep it clean is very important, if want to use a wet towel to wipe gently, soiled dry in the shade.

3, with hangers hanging storage

cloth coat can not heap of the place, easy to deformation, so the cloth coat to hang up and keep good, avoid deformation.

4, the collection should be moistureproof, insect-resistant when

cloth coat has a strong hygroscopicity, Suggestions on the chest into the suction moistureproof bamboo charcoal drink in mothproofing agent, anti cloth coat gone mouldy and bug eat by moth.

5, often have to take it out to dry

cloth coat often take out to dry, to prevent mildew deterioration, drying should be to avoid glare, put in ventilated place, will reverse clothes to dry, avoid fade.

cold winter cloth coat become warm fashion must-have item, more than the recommended cleaning and maintenance methods of cloth coat, you remember?

cloth coat sticky hairs, pilling treatment

1, the sticky hairs processing

method one: generally has a specialized sticky hairs in the supermarket, its shape is a drum, the drum with sticker, every time when stained woolen cloth coat on the hair, as long as take the cylinder push a few times on the clothes, the hair will be very easy to stick out, very convenient, the price is not very expensive in 10 - probably About 20 dollars.

method 2: only need a pair of rubber gloves can.

rubber gloves with small particles that facing the woollen clothes under tile and flocculant in one direction only need to clean up the hair place

forcibly wiped a few times, the hair brush aside the flocculant was soon, these annoying MAO flocculant.

it is a paper tiger, in front of the rubber gloves points minutes be KO! For rubber gloves send a big praise!

2, pilling treatment

the hair in the hair bulb is wool coat formed by friction. Typically, the sight of the hair bulb will feel coat quality is bad, actually otherwise, the bulb it is wool coat the mark of quality. The naked eye hair bulb can use scissors to trim ( But also of the bulb clip to sell on the market) 。 Don't hair bulb, forcibly pulled off his coat as easily damaged clothing. ( Generally normal in pilling phenomenon is not obvious, unless long-term friction, wool coat more delicate, it is suggested that attention at ordinary times daily maintenance)
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