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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
People say & other; To do a good job must first sharpen his & throughout; , want to wash out perfect work, we must find balance in various factors. Is not just as simple with good washing materials, play a key role and other aspects, such as good operating personnel, excellent washing procedure. Identify the relationship between various factors and is crucial to washing work.

we are classified under the category, washing process in addition to the workers cause other influential factors:

1. The water quality & ndash; — Water quality is an important factor affecting the effects of washing. In the process of washing, water is an important medium. Water soluble detergent, constitutes a certain concentration, within a certain time, certain temperature and mechanical force decontamination washing fabric is made.

2. The water level & ndash; — Water washing process, in the different stages of processing should choose corresponding water level. Water level of high and low can not only affect the solution concentration, but can affect the mechanical forces.

3. Mechanical force & ndash; — Washing machine roller rotation has a mechanical force, at the same time, also produced the friction between the impact of the washing liquid and washing the fabric. Under the action of forces to accelerate the relative motion between detergents and fabric, dirt quickly out of the fabric. The main factors influencing the mechanical force in water is the loading capacity of the washing machine. 80% of the standard washing load for washing machine capacity.

4. Time & ndash; — Water is a physical and chemical reaction process, the role of the right time. Time and washing the fabric structure, types and the weight of the contaminated with dirt, size and type of washing machine capacity, the grade of the detergent to effect time also to have certain influence.

5. Temperature & ndash; — In the process of water washing temperature have the effect of the catalyst. With the increase of temperature, accelerate the dissolve the detergent, reactive molecules move faster, penetration, the decontamination ability is improved. Washing temperature formulation and washing the fabric texture, color fastness, the temperature on the category of dirt and detergent.

in addition to the above factors, selection of washing process and control is also very important! According to the type of fabric structure, the features of the stain, pollution degree, choosing the appropriate cleaning procedures, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect.
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