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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
The basic steps of clothing dry cleaning

the first step, pretreatment, namely scouring process. It is artificial YongZhuJi pollution serious dirt and stain insoluble in dry cleaning solvent ( Such as fruit juice, nail polish, paint, ink, etc. ) To advance the processing.

the second step, the main washing. Use pretreatment clothes into dry cleaners, sweeping, washing and dry cleaning solvent ( Baked) Dry.

the third step, post-processing, main purpose is to remove the residue of clothing dry cleaning solvent and valet plastic.

some common faults and dry cleaning process to

the accident: why
buttons are increasingly appear rupture

problem: a match standard button jacket after conventional dry cleaning twice, several button appear fracture. Dry cleaning is according to the instructions in the maintenance TAB.

reason: with plastic buttons cannot afford conventional dry cleaning cycle in the process of repeated impact force between the rotor cage wall.

responsibility: from the signature of the maintenance do not see any warning on the label, so the responsibility borne by the manufacturer, if a drag on the maintenance TAB horizontal dry cleaning personnel shall bear the responsibility.

the accident 2: the black bead decorations are melting

problem: when a material flash acetate as purple clothes in the label instructions after four pce dry cleaning, black bead decorations become soft, melting, leaving only ugly black stain, the clothes have such stains.

the reason: the accessories can't bear tetrachloroethylene washing, as long as it will dissolve into tetrachloroethylene 2 minutes. Maintenance of the label that is marked by guess, is not easy to verify its accuracy. Responsibility: shall be borne by the manufacturer, cannot return.

the accident three: questions about metal ornaments

problem: a piece of fabric RaoBoZi a circle metal decorations in shrink, the phenomenon of wrinkling after dry cleaning.

the reason: if the decoration is made up of different fibers, the most important thing is to consider each layer shrinkage, so that the dry cleaning after decoration is still very smooth, bright and clean. :

responsibility shall be borne by the clothing manufacturers, because he's obviously not the strict operation specifications and quality standards.

repair: sometimes can correct this error. Usually soaked with water wrinkling, reoccupy steam ironing, each fiber layer pressure must be uniform, so that can ensure smooth after wetted.

the accident four: coated collar cracked

problem: a jacket collar is with polyurethane coating. After the dry cleaning, most of the collar stand the dry cleaning, coating along the collar folds appeared coating cracking and spalling phenomena.

the reason: with a coating of fibers in the normal wear when bending, folding and bending in a bad place can appear small crack, before washing, usually not easy to be seen, but the cleaning solvent penetration, the coating is peeling off from the fiber,

responsibility: after a period of normal wear, according to the maintenance of the label that is can withstand the dry cleaning clothes, so responsible for manufacturers.
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