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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Clothes dry cleaning after why bubbles?

laundry in the business process will often received such complaints, said the clothes dry out the user to bubble, actually this kind of complaint is not correct, the user should complain to the manufacturer, and should not complain to the laundry.

suit manufacturing is a process to add the lining fabrics are mostly used adhesive lining, the lining of the surface coated with a layer of glue, the glue is only at high temperature can melt, in bonding machine, under high temperature and high pressure, the liner will be very strong glue on the fabric, in this case, dry cleaning does not glue bubbles. But at present many small clothing factory no gluing machine, and using iron to manual glue, both temperature and pressure can not meet the requirements, and uneven, so it is sparkling the wash. After the encounter this kind of situation can be settled with needles injecting method, but the next time when catharsis will encounter the same problem again. But must be according to standardize the procedures of garment making clothes, does may make clothes washed glue bubbles.

dry cleaning can kill bacteria?

in the dry cleaning can kill bacteria often asked at work? The answer is yes, but not all bacteria can be killed. In general bacteria can be divided into the germ on the clothes, no caterpillar, spores, and parasites, in the process of washing and drying in under the action of tetrachloroethylene, soap oil, and temperature, and moth larvae can kill germs, caterpillar, but for the spores are not so easy, but under the action of mechanical force can separate the spores from the clothes down, finally using filters. For lice, because of its strong adhesion of clothing. In the process of dry cleaning can be killed, but can't be separated from the clothes.

why must use soap oil dry cleaning process and filter the

some dry cleaners door have a brand, it reads, white, light color clothes can't dry cleaning, paint, blood, color stain can't remove, I started to feel very don't understand why can't a laundry to wash white clothes, don't remove the stain. Seen such as they use machines and laundry process before an Epiphany. Not filter they use dry cleaners, and distilling box distillation of no more than 10 liters per hour, do not use scouring agent in the process of washing oil and soap. Thus it can be seen in the process of dry cleaning, be sure to use soap and oil filter.
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