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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Wash clothes every day

some clothes wear in decoloring and harden

but it is not the quality of the clothes

it is you do not have the right to air to

drying clothes is door knowledge

will quickly learn

underwear is sun

a lot of moment are used to wash the clothes, in turn, drying, but against the sun, underwear will be easy to adhere dust and bacteria on the clothes, underwear is close-fitting clothing, skin sensitive friend, more attention should be paid, so remember, underwear must dish drying.

the other popular science about underwear hang dry method, with best the other way around, or hang in the middle, and this is the right way, underwear can dry faster and not easy to deformation ~

your coat against the sun

coat remember against the best air is basked in, bright color and dark clothes, but also against the sun. Especially in the summer the sun is very big, after the sun insolates, clothes faded, which will be especially serious. Sweater fabric

sweater can't direct air, sweater after dehydration, because the sweater line is not tight, in order to prevent deformation of sweater, but after washing, put them into a net flat out to dry in ventilated place.

thread sweater protects dry, thin sweater sweater, relatively more closely knit line, can be on a hanger direct drying, but before drying, best on a hanger, a towel or bath towel, in order to prevent deformation. May use two hangers hanging when dry, to prevent the deformation due to suspension is overweight. Sweater after air will continue to want to hang, can prevent deformation in this case. Washing clothes can be folded in half once, racks placed in the position of the sleeve underarm.

the sleeve parts through the hangers, second half through the sweater again.

the hanging this sweater is not afraid of rotator cuff deformation, is not easy to have creases.

silk cloth

best clothes after being washed silk class natural dry in a cool ventilated place, because the silk clothing sunlight resistance function is poor, so can't directly in the sunlight exposure, fade, or it will cause fabric strength reduced.

and silk clothes is spoiled, also want to master the correct method when catharsis. Base of silk fiber will have damage, so use neutral detergent laundry detergent, should not be when catharsis strong stirring or scrub twist, have thrown the rub gently. To protect the clothing color, a clear water can be put again after cleaning, the water into two or three drops of vinegar, soak 5 minutes remove and reverse hanging in the shade.

chemical fiber cloth

chemical fiber clothes after washing, unfavorable exposure in the sun. Acrylic fiber is easy to change color after exposure to yellow; Polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber and synthetic fiber under the exposure of the sun was going to be easy aging; Dacron, viren while under the effects of the sun can accelerate the photochemical decomposition of fibre, affect the service life of fabric. So, the chemical fiber clothes to dry in the shade. Can be directly on a hanger, make it natural dehydration dry, not wrinkle, is clean again.

cloth material

cloth clothing to avoid direct sunlight, because of the appearance of wool fiber as the scale layer, outside of the natural oil amine film to the wool fiber soft luster. If in the sunlight, appearance of oil amine film would occur because of the high temperature oxidation effect and metamorphosis, seriously affect the appearance and service life. Woollen clothes after the direct light brown, especially white wool fabric, the color yellow easily, so after washing should be put in a cool ventilated place, make it natural dry.

cotton and linen cloth

cotton fabric clothing usually can be spread out in the sun direct sun, because this kind of fiber strength almost don't reduce in the sun, or slightly lower, but not out of shape. However, in order to prevent fading, it is better to bask in reverse.

every time washing clothes, dehydrated clothes should bask in, immediately after the washing machine to take out the shaking a few times, prevent wrinkle. Should be carefully packed when washing the place such as cuffs, collar so clothes dry wouldn't have.

shirts, sheet after dry, also should take after the show, and then fold for storage for wrinkles oh. Differentiate between the categories, later is not afraid of bad clothes.
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