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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Clothes to wear for a long time will fade, must be color fastness is not good?

does not necessarily oh!

may be something wrong with the nursing methods of you

what kind of clothes should be how to dry is to have cultured

to learn ~ ~


must dish drying

to counter the sun underwear can make clothes sticky dust and bacteria, in addition, the underwear of dried to receive it in time, otherwise, will make human body skin infection, especially sensitive skin friend oh.


it is important to counter the sun

bright and dark clothing must against the sun, especially in the sun after the sun scorching hot summer, pure cotton clothes will seriously fade.

dehydration clothes

the sun immediately

water after washing machine to take off the clothes, the best immediately take out to shake a few times, and prevent wrinkles. Shirts, sheet after dry, should take off again after fold for storage.

clothes fade is not complete because the quality is bad, you may also have the responsibility!

chemical fiber clothes


chemical fiber clothes can be directly on a hanger, make its natural dehydration air-dried, wrinkle free and clean.

hair silk clothing

to avoid direct sunlight

cloth, silk clothing after direct light brown, especially white fabric color yellow so easily to them.


no direct air

sweater after dehydration should be placed in the network or on flat plastic curtain, hanging on a hanger and put in ventilated dry in the shade. Because the sweater line does not close, this can prevent deformation.

sweater thin lines

to protect the air

thin sweater sweater, relatively more closely knit line can be on a hanger direct drying, but before drying the best hangers on roll towel or bath towel to prevent deformation.
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