Clothes have wine stains do _ how to remove the wine stain on the dress - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
End or at the party, drinks and food are essential, but after drinks to get the clothes will form the wine stains, how to do? Along with the below small make up together to learn!

1, wine stain on the white shirt, can be used to wipe purify boil the milk.

2 got white wine, beer, chemical fiber fabric stains, can use alcohol infiltration, first add glycerin graze, washed with water after an hour. Beer stains must use warm water to wash it.

3, if it's just got wine stains, can directly use clean water to remove. If is Chen stains, usable soap October 1, 2 of turpentine oil, ammonia mixture to wipe, and then rinse with clear water.

4, when cleaning OuZhi are available, and for wine stains on the clothes.

5, in the wine stain with salt and rub gently with the hand, and then into the water to clean
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