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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
When using an iron clothes, have to clear the material properties of clothes, do well in the temperature control, as some chemical fiber avoid is too high, some are not afraid; Some natural fibers like silk, wool is not suitable for too high temperature, while cotton and linen is not afraid of again. This in addition to the iron will have turntable calibration temperature, wash the label in the clothes have clearly marked.

other fabrics, directly in the clothing surface with the iron very hot, will be ground shiny or white, both tissue injury, is also very ugly, this time will need to cover on a piece of cloth or similar kind of fabric then ironed, so as not to have this kind of phenomenon.

let iron better use the

a lot of people are the ironing as a chore, but just a little bit up and down in the iron small kung fu, to iron the clothes would be easier.

the iron we generally just use ordinary household steam iron, iron base is clean for ironing effect has a great impact. If it is found that the base fiber or slurry paste clothes, must use a wet towel to dry clean. Iron is used long, often not suitable China, makes the ironing clothes, and there are many small wrinkles. At this time, you can add a few drops on clean towel odourless oil ( Such as salad oil) Or wax. Then a few times to go out if you iron it. So the department of the iron, not only let the clothes take stickers, pushing some hot up and energy saving.

sweater ironing method

sweater, knitted material that kind of clothes, if directly with the iron to iron can destroy the organization flexibility, by this time had better use steam electric iron spray in creases; If the wrinkle is not very severe, or you can hang directly spray in creases place after being dried, naturally shunping; Another method is to hang in the bathroom, use hot steam bath, make it smooth. And, like snow spinning thin thin material, need to use a low temperature hot, very hot when not too hard, so as not to break.

hot pants, by in and outside the

hot pants, the sequence is as follows:, turn it over the trousers pocket lifted, near the ironing trousers file first, followed by the pocket, trousers seams Angle and cloth. Then hot positive, each pair of drawers oil in very hot around a circle, then the inside of his right foot, right foot outside, the inside of his left foot, left foot outside, finally, the Angle of two pipe trunks together.

note: iron, to avoid hot pin fixed fold line when available. Brunet or iron will be polished cloth, it is better to build very hot very hot again.

pleated skirts, pin help

hot skirt, as follows: the inside skirt, the skirt waist, skirt. Note: whole first hot from the opposite side, turn positive again after a little modification; Pleated skirt with a pin fixed skirt, with a special clamp after been iron group hung.

no matter what kind of clothes, whole very hot immediately after the completion of unfavorable packaging or in almirah, hanging in the ventilated place or air conditioning indoor ( Ironing steam) Evaporation, if necessary, can use hair dryer dry, not moldy.

iron collar tips

neckline part, whether it is a circle without collar, pointed or square, all attention at the finishing don't throw it away deformation, it is best to fixed shape to ironing; If there is a led chip, not general fold line hot die, as long as the hot again later, while it is still warm, fold light pressure with the hand, it brought the look will be live.
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