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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Deformation of pants

trousers longer, knees were often hold up a big bulge, for this kind of pants have deformation, it is best to use the electric steam iron. When the second half of the ironing trousers, iron straighten the second half of the pants by hand, and launches the fold after ironing, until the second half of the trousers to restore the natural state.

and then the first half of the iron pants. When ironing, for the first half of the knee part has a bulge, if the pants straight, the first half will be wrinkled. At this time should be from the top and bottom of the trousers ironed, iron to put on the pants, gently press the steam switch, has wrinkled areas under the heat of the iron nature retraction. Same way on the knees, when after the big bulge into a small bulge, continue with the above method, so repeatedly, can all restorable, finally the whole trousers ironed again.

synthetic fiber

chemical fiber clothes due to poor level of moisture absorption, heat resistant degree is different, therefore, mastering the ironing temperature is the key, ironing method with other basic cotton silk wool. Nylon fabric abrasion resistance and good elasticity, but ironing temperature should not be high, so it should be for cloth pad to ironing. Polyester fabric abrasion resistance and wrinkle, so dry it after washing, no ironing. As many varieties of polyester, temperature, it is difficult to grasp, first before ironing can look for the clothes not obvious place try ironing, to iron bad rabbit.

cotton and linen fabric

but the steam up. Generally adopt the method of iron inside, if positive hot pad a clean white cloth. With color clothes to iron, temperature not too high, so as to avoid iron after reflective shine or film color phenomenon, make clothing brittle damage. Hemp and cotton mixed fabrics need to be ironed, the iron temperature is lower, the ironing, and placemat ironed, prevent the damage of terry clothing.

silk fabric

silk garment after washing anti-wrinkle performance is poorer, nicking occur often, without iron will affect beautiful, so after washing silk garments must be ironed. When ironing, appropriate to temperature, methods to properly. To low temperature iron, iron temperature generally between 110 ℃ 120 ℃, high temperature makes the clothing color, shrinkage, softening, deformation, serious when still can damage the clothes. Delicate and charming color, shallow light clothing and blended silk clothing temperature should be lower again. Do not overexert when ironing, iron to move, do not stay in one place time is too long. Iron don't directly silken face to the huge iron, or ironed opposite, prevent light. Mark stain, affect beautiful, and the quality of washing.

clothes ironed those tips & ndash; — You know ~


making tie fabric is silk, the lining is in village of muslin or linen lining. Want to use in the low temperature, ironing speed faster, to a piece of dry cloth pad when ironing, don't let steam directly with the tie.

pleated skirt

ironing dress head first, put all the creases in the fixed position is good, and then by pressing creases. Will each creases ironed straight after, have fold at the bottom of the ironing the, further fixed fold.


ironing from top to bottom. Collar: from the outside on both sides of the end to the middle iron; Sleeves: from the bottom of the sleeve to the shoulder iron; Garment body: pressing the front first, and then back.

suit pants

the pants inversion, the inside of his trousers pressed flat; Put your trousers into the front, from the inside of the iron on the surface of the trousers to the outside, and then ironing trousers bottom. Not suitable for ironing, directly on to a piece of thin cloth pad before ironing.


should choose electric steam iron ironed. Temperature wants moderate, usually in 30 & ndash; — It is ok to 40 degrees.

leather clothing

temperature should be within 80 degrees, at the same time when ironing to do with a clean cloth lining iron cloth, does not stop moving repeatedly, the strength should be light, and to prevent the iron direct contact with the leather, leather hot loss.
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