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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Rainy season comes, in the long run in the wet days, the damage is the clothing in the home, I'm afraid, how to prevent clothes mildew, one thousand mould? Small make up to support a move you ~

clothes mildew small coup

1, hygroscopic box: chest dehumidification necessary, more common hygroscopic products on the market, generally by calcium chloride particles as the main contents, most also added essence ingredients, so set dehumidifier, aromatic, anti-mildew, deodorant, and other functions in one body. Hygroscopic box for more wardrobe, shoe ark of moisture absorption. Only when used in the cabinet inside can be.

2, hygroscopic package: airtight space effect best, principle and moisture absorption of moisture absorption package box of similar, but the content is given priority to with water absorbing resin, becomes a jellylike after absorbed moisture, not easy to shreds. Using range is more extensive, in addition to the clothing, leather goods, postage stamps, camera, piano, computer, audio equipment and so on all can find it help dehumidification. If placed in airtight space, moisture absorption effect is better.

3, on the other hand, using lime desiccant is also a good choice. Of course, this is not to prevent moldy clothes with lime, but to wrap the lime with cloth or bag, in the corner of the room, in order to keep indoor air is dry.

the mold for the clothes and the bad influence of the human body

in general adverse effects of microorganisms on the human body and the clothes has the following several kinds:

( 1) The discoloring the fiber material.

( 2) Fibrous material embrittlement decomposition, lower strength.

( 3) Susceptible to infectious diseases ( Sweat stain, athlete's foot) 。

( 4) Baby comes easily to the inflammation of the skin.

( 5) The old man comes easily to the bedsore.

one thousand mould?

to remove mildew

, when sending the little musty smell in the closet of clothes, you can add two tablespoons of white vinegar in the wash tub clean water and half a bag of milk, put the clothes in this special deployment of washing water to soak for 10 minutes, adsorption of musty on the clothes of vinegar, milk, and then, on the wash and rub on the left, right rub, wash with water shots, mildew was done not have.

if you are in a hurry to go out, too late to use this method to remove mildew flavour, you can also try again use hair dryer to mildew way:

to hang up her clothes and puts the hair dryer in the cold wind, blowing 10 ~ 15 minutes to the clothes, let the wind take clothes mildew flavour, then you can rest assured to wear it out.

wiped clothes mildew spot

the moldy clothes in the water that clean out rice soak overnight, let the rest of the protein adsorption mould. The next day, the water that clean out rice color darker, the mould has been cleared. For the mould is still more stubborn, can put some 5% alcohol solution, or swab repeatedly with hot, soapy water several times, and then click routine job, mould can be completely removed.

cotton clothes mildew spot, can use a few root mungbean sprout, knead in the mould, and then rinse clean with clear water, mildew points will be removed.

wool clothes mildew, first put the clothes in the sun for a few hours, after drying the mildew points with the brush gently brush away. If it is caused by oily be soiled, perspiration and mold, can dip in with soft brush to get some petrol where there is mildew repeatedly scrub, then wipe with clean towel repeatedly several times, dry it in ventilated place.

with the bad point on the silk dress, silk soaking in the water scrub with the brush first, more if mildew and heavy, the have mildew spot, put some 5% of the alcohol solution, swab repeatedly several times, can quickly remove the mould.

leather clothes gave birth to the mould, can dip in with towel first wiped repeatedly, some soap and water to remove dirt, rinse immediately with water, then dry, then apply some oil jacket.

chemical fiber clothes gave birth to the mould, usable brush dips in some soap water scrub, rinse with warm water again, the mould can be removed.

the mold on careful washing machine

washing machine to dry in time, finished washing clothes washing machine to open air dry. Wash your clothes in addition to open the lid, when not even picked the filter bag, hanging out, let it fully dry. In addition, the mold is very sensitive to temperature, survival rate is very low, in 35 ℃ water in 45 ℃ water almost to zero, which can effectively kill the mold.
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