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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
1, washing skills

whether dry cleaners, napa stores have clothes, often customers will complain, how to put my clothes very hot light. Really is our dry cleaners do? At this moment we have to learn to observe the surface of clothes up the cause of the light, shine and then tell the customer how to produce, the problem in the bud.

clothing surface shine in dark clothing, including fine thin fabric of pure wool textiles are most likely to appear this kind of phenomenon. Shiny parts most where easy to friction, such as the shoulder, elbow, trousers and above the knee. Because the back and seat friction drive people also may shine.

in addition, many layers of clothing structure parts such as pants loops, pants placket, mouth, the tip of the collar and so on also may shine. All in all, who is often the part of the friction is one of the most prone to the light. So the friction is the first reason.

when the scale layer on the surface of the wool fiber is friction loss or smooth, gradually exposed part of the fiber textile yarn nap also is off, so the smooth parts exposed on the surface of the fabric, the formation of patches of light. Under a microscope the clothing surface compared to was not affected by the fabric of friction, clear bright and clean.

but it is produced by various friction, in the process of wearing clothes, dry cleaners, ironing and dry cleaning equipment in the process of washing and drying process, etc. , are in step by step to make clothes by friction.

so shiny problem has become the most common problems. In a sense it is wool fibers is a sign of aging. Clothing wearing and washing is inevitable, nature of friction is taken for granted, so dry cleaning franchise ironing became the focus of attention.

many customers tend to blame the clothes dry cleaners hot lit, actually there is some misunderstanding, dry cleaning franchise store the pressing can iron the clothes bright, but there are many reasons for the light. And shine is a slow process, due to friction is caused by several reasons slowly accumulate together. But in the process of gradually bright, dry cleaners in inappropriate ironing can be prompted clothes cause obvious shine.

to do so, for this advice is best when dry cleaning this kind of clothes, in turn, makes the opportunity to reduce friction in the process of dry cleaning and drying. When pressing this kind of clothes to a layer of cotton pad, reduce the strength of friction. If you have a shiny phenomenon take the following measures can be appropriate to save, but can only be improved to some extent, the same is almost impossible.

2, save method

1; Can a bath first, to use at last rinse in acid for processing.

2: pour or acid 1:1 dilution directly into the kettle, and then use the steam iron ironing on the surface.

3: usually when ironing to cushion a layer of cotton. This situation will be better after processing.
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