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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Summer clothes inappropriate maintenance is very easy to deformation, who also don't want a new dress into a one-time, clothes also need to take care of, look at the following a few tips.

solid color cotton material

basic summer t-shirts are choose pure cotton, this is a kind of easy to fade. Washing dark cotton clothing, we can choose to use saline soak to solid color.

for half an hour later, rinse with clear water, again according to the normal method of washing, can effectively alleviate the problem of clothes rub off. Remember to accept clothes in a timely manner after drying, for a long time exposure to solid color has bad influence.

jeans fixation

although jeans are more wash more good-looking, but instead of rub off too serious lost beauty. When washing color jeans, first time to use solid color, white vinegar soak best washed by hand.

add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar when washing, soaking jeans positive half an hour, so that we can make jeans blue color as far as possible to maintain the original luster. If you think the waist size is larger, can choose to use hot water soak jeans, hot water will shrink jeans, the higher the temperature the greater the shrinkage.

jeans washing, less as far as possible when washing face washing, rubbing, less as far as possible don't dehydrate, directly in the hang to dry in ventilated dry place, like this can increase the life of the jeans, maintain properly, a pair of jeans can be follow you a lifetime.

in the laundry bag, laundry basket,

pure cotton clothes cannot undergo a great job, easy to deformation. When use washing machines wash must be protective measures. Laundry bag can reduce to the pull of the clothing, to prevent the collar bigger deformation, clothes. When washed by hand, also should pay attention to this, to minimize the neckline rub a place like this.

after washing out to dry at the same time is also very important, like pure cotton clothing and sweater after absorbing water will be heavier, if direct use hanger to dry, because of gravity might make hem deformation, variable length, easy to leave traces of hangers on shoulder and collar deformation and so on. The laundry basket without this concern.

keep bright white

in the last quarter of the old t-shirts always easy yellowed, summer to sweat, even if this new white T-shirt will happen.

prepare a bowl of water and baking soda, stir paste after besmear is in yellow, after waiting for clothes airing again gently brush, yellow mark will disappear.
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