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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Q: when ironing, if carelessly clothes iron very hot, yellow scorched, even affect beautiful and fastness, in this case?

a: is there a way to remedy this kind of circumstance, you can according to the different material for processing.

1, chemical fiber clothes iron yellow, immediately mat wet towel ironed again, use towel to absorb the light, burn marks, light person can recover; If the bright spot, yellow stains are serious, also can use first toothbrush dipped in vinegar in the trace repeatedly scrub, wet towel pad to ironed, using chemical reaction reduce clothings burns.

2, cotton fabric after iron yellow, can be in scorch place sprinkle fine salt, add water gently knead, again in the sun, can remove the macula.

3, silk fabrics available a little baking soda into a thin paste, paint in scorch place, after waiting for moisture dry, burn marks will disappear.

4, after iron yellow clothes, will lose hairs above bottom yarn, you can use the needle gently stir up new hairs, wet cloth pad to, down the original fabric with the iron down to more pressing several times, until the recovery.
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